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for Trixie's True Self: Freedom Fighters

7/1/2010 c15 15For The Worst
Does Vlad, or Danny Phantom is in this FanFiction? (btw, love your fanfic)
6/30/2010 c15 11OddAuthor
Even if the chapter was filler, I enjoyed it. Loved the way that A.J. and Timmy and everyone kept saying "Whassup!" Whassup!" I like humor in Fanfictions anyway! :)
6/30/2010 c14 OddAuthor
Terrific chapter. Loved the way Doombringer was defeated, and loved the fact that she was tricked by dolls. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/28/2010 c14 185Luiz4200
Outside, Doombringer made a promise to herself.

"As GOD as my witness, I will have my revenge on those brats!" she said out loud.

Since they're students at Dimmsdale Elementary, don't you find odd they weren't there?
6/26/2010 c13 Luiz4200
"DOOMBRINGER!" Timmy, Chester, and A. J. spazzed. Didn't the girls know about her? And, what do you mean by "that's a first"? Didn't you have the film on mind when you wrote that?
6/26/2010 c13 11OddAuthor
Great chapter. Miss Doombringer is back; that can't be good. Oh, and good luck with Remy trying to control Doombringer!
6/24/2010 c12 185Luiz4200
"I told you that I didn't kill Frost, Anti Cosmo did!" Micheal shouted.

"And I told you that I don't care!" Boss Remy said as he entered a portal he created.

Reminds me of the conversation between Richard Kimble and the detective chasing him.

Meanwhile, back at City Hall...

"Okay, that is the last time I ever team up with an alternate version of myself!" Remy said.

Just then, another version of Remy, only this one was wearing an outfit similar to what Dark Riku wore, burst in through the door.

"GET OUT!" Remy yelled with his "lightsabers" drawn.

Did this other Remy appear just for the joke?

Please update.
6/24/2010 c12 11OddAuthor
Another terrific chapter. Guess 2 Timmys and 2 Trixies are better than 2 Remys!
6/23/2010 c11 185Luiz4200
Who's this Michael Riddle? A relative of Voldemort's?
6/22/2010 c11 11OddAuthor
Great chapter. I loved the characters' reactions to their counterparts; Remy: "You're too short to be my double". Timmy" "Why do I still have a squeaky voice, but yours is deep." It sounds like there's going to be quite an action packed and dramatic battle ahead!
6/21/2010 c10 OddAuthor
Another terrific chapter. Liked the confrontation between Timmy/Trixie and Dash. Loved the reference to Dwight's fear of blubber!
6/21/2010 c10 185Luiz4200
Meanwhile, in City Hall, Remy was furiously pounding his desk.

"Dash has been defeated. Another one of my towers has fallen. Timmy and Trixie will rue the day the messed with Remy Buxaplenty!" he said then laughed evilly.

Remy needs more therapy than Plasmius. Do Molly and her Fairy Godparent still have the "don't touch me" thing?
6/18/2010 c9 Luiz4200
Wishing Well. Please update.
6/18/2010 c9 11OddAuthor
Great chapter; I liked how you worked Dwight and Molly into it. The reason I didn't catch the Danny Phantom characters is because I didn't watch quite as much as the Fairly OddParent. Nothing against it; from what I did see of it, it was pretty good. I just never simply got around to watching it on a regular basis. I'm trying to catch DP on reruns but that's not always easy to do!
6/17/2010 c8 2Solaris Knight 30
Okay. back up.

Timmy has a catgirl sister? Who hasn't been mentioned before or since?

I'm calling shenanigans.
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