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for Secretes from sisters

6/10/2020 c3 Idk
You want rewiew here is your rewiew
10/6/2017 c3 Guest
Please continue!
5/27/2015 c3 Anonymous
This is a great story, but I don't get the parts about Healia, and it is actually spelt Helia. Will you get on with the story already?
6/12/2014 c3 cybercorpsesnake
Hard to follow who's POV it is. It is getting interesting. Keep up the good work.
6/12/2014 c2 cybercorpsesnake
Very interesting chapter. Nice touch of drama at the end. Keep up the good work.
6/12/2014 c1 cybercorpsesnake
Good chapter. Keep up the good work.
12/22/2012 c3 20lilith's writer
please update soon
11/17/2012 c3 19Rio storm
3/24/2012 c3 Guest
Come on! Update! Update! Dis is awesome! This is the second one! Update!
3/24/2012 c3 Guest
Come on! Update! Update! Dis is awesome!
10/9/2011 c3 Darcy Trix
great. please continue.
7/2/2010 c3 5HotdiggityDammit
awsome!im sooooo happy u decided to finish chap 3, but im kinda confused, i know they're fighting, but its kinda hard to read, oh well, i cant wait for stormy to spill it! keep writing!
6/30/2010 c3 4sunstar or moonsayer
Awesome, Its really getting good
6/21/2010 c2 sunstar or moonsayer
good story!

are you going to add more?
6/11/2010 c2 5HotdiggityDammit
ok, u REALLY need to continue this! im dyin over here!
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