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for The Little Doll of Doom

11/27/2020 c4 Guest
I hope you continue this story again. It has a lot of potential to grow into something amazing. I also get the feeling Tak might regret doing that. Just a gut feeling.
9/6/2019 c4 Guest
I know this is an older story and will most likely never be updated, but it holds up well. I truly enjoyed reading it, even if we were left on a cliffhanger. Excellent writing!
2/13/2014 c4 anonymous
2/12/2014 c4 random
Cool update soon or whenever.
2/12/2014 c4 141Invader Johnny
Well sooner or later Zim had to use TV for world domination, he wouldn't be a villain if he didn't try it at least once, heh.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
12/30/2013 c3 pan
PLEASE keep writing this fanfic! I look forward to the next chapter with excitement and anticipation!
10/18/2013 c1 Guest
please make more
7/23/2013 c3 pan
This is AMAZING so far and as a HUGE fan of ZaTr I LOVE how you've written it so far! Please keep writing! This is so wonderful and it makes me so happy :)
7/1/2013 c3 1Ribke
Well, a really great story!

My only suggestion (and honestly it's just a suggestion) is that you make the paragraphs a bit shorter, 'cuz the moment people open the story and see these monsters they can get a bit overwhelmed. Of course, you are all right. There's some people whom make you wonder if they even know what the enter key is for...

And you could also start putting different characters' dialogues in different paragraphs too, to make it easier to keep track of who is speaking.

And that's it. Also I love the argument and your way to portray the characters. Honestly I think it's very hard to make an In-Character romance fic for Invader Zim, since Jhonnen is NOT the romance type anyways (the only things that could be considered a romance that he's ever done never tend to end well...), but yours is pretty close. Congratulations for that!
6/30/2013 c3 3ScriptNinja
Love it! My only complaint is that I wish more was written. :)
6/30/2013 c3 9Favored Son
Hah, Zim is so stupid that he doesn't even understand what defeat is, so... Zim like. I think you got that part down pat. I am happy to say that I haven't spotted any mistakes, be they minor or major. I'm also quite happy to say that you're update speed seems to have been sped up, by what I'm not really sure, but I'm just happy that you're updating this fic quickly :D Tak seems to have.. conflicting feels of Zim, but that's why I like this pairing so much.
6/30/2013 c3 141Invader Johnny
Yeah I agree with Tak, Zim has no concept of defeat, he has a spirit that is unbreakable, and maybe with time Tak would come to respect that.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
6/30/2013 c1 1Ribke
You know, the weirdest thing I see about this "thinking hard about you" chapters on romance/hate fics is that while the character is having xir's long monologues about how xir feels about the love/hate interest character, I always picture the later just siting around and watching TV without giving a single fuck about the world, and suddenly they sneeze and are like: "Hmmm, someone thinking about me... Meh." I mean, seriously; how silly is that? xD

And I didn't know what to expect about this, but after reading your little own personal story, I have the feeling this is gonna be interesting, haha.

BTW, it's interesting cuz some of the tings Tak says imply that there is more history between her and Zim besides the Snack Incident. Eager to see what's it.
6/22/2013 c2 9Favored Son
It certainly has been a long time, but it's been worth the wait. Your long awaited update is just as good as the first, and signals greater things to come. Everyone is portrayed, pretty much how I envision Jhonen would. The only fault I could find was a typo, and even then it was pretty minor. Hopefully you will find the extra time to start/complete the third part of your fic, but I'm sure it'll come out eventually, even if it does take another three years.
6/22/2013 c2 5AndyH
Maaaaan! That was very well done! Look forward to more.
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