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for A Family Affair

2/13/2017 c8 4gcrazyme
Love your story, and you are a terrific writer! Hope your muse will come back to you again. I also like your farming updates. (I've lived on military bases, but no farms.) Sounds like dang hard work!
6/4/2014 c8 27FlaFan
What fun! Wonder how Station 51 did during the rest of the week (hint, hint, for an epilogue, Ross... ;).
6/27/2013 c8 Mary Lou
This was a lot of fun to read. Lots of humor. I love Family Feud. I think that it is funny that Roy and Johnny are so in tune with each other that they gave the exact same answers on Fast Money.
11/14/2012 c8 GageDeSotoFan
Good story! Really enjoy that they are such a team. You sound like a very busy person. Good luck, looking forward to the epilogue.
5/7/2012 c8 KarenHope
Really great story!
5/22/2011 c8 40Ronda Sexton
This one was very entertaining to read. I can see how much rivalry a competition such as this would generate.
8/25/2010 c8 ghostwriter56
Gee, I lost track of this story! My bad!

What a fun story! I could see that happening...Big John...LOL!

You bring us such fun stories, can't wait for the next one.
7/20/2010 c6 LaneIA
This is a great story and I think you have done an excellent job of capturing the characters. Keep up the good work.

7/19/2010 c8 river95
Hi there!

I have really enjoyed this story! I especially liked the strategy that Johnny used when he had the guys pass in Chapter 7 - that was a tricky thing to do, and I am glad that you made it work out for him. I have read many fan fiction stories where Johnny ends up with egg on his face, and while that is appropriate once in a while, I like it much better when things work out for him. Thanks for all your hard work on this story, and the others that you have written. I hope that things cool off in the UP just a little bit, and that all of your harvests are plentiful!


7/18/2010 c8 2CrazyWoman200253204
Great story so far! Hope everything goes ok for you on the farm. Looking forward to more soon. Much love, Crazy.
7/18/2010 c8 jquist
Oh yeah! Yellowstone is my first answer too! I just made reservations to go there next year for a family reunion!

Thanks for not having Gage choke! Loved him having the same answers as Roy, too funny!

When I lived in Tucson the season's were: Nice, nice and warm, hot, and hot, hot, dang hot.
7/18/2010 c8 31Dianne
Whew! They did it. I was worried with how close Roy and John work that they'd get the same answers and they did, but they pulled it off in the end. You wrote that part really well. I really enjoyed the game and can't wait to see what John means by being silly. Oh, it's terribly hot here too. And yes, farming is so tough and under-appreciated. My husband and his family were farmers, in fact, my husband put himself through college by working on the strawberry farm and other farm jobs like bailing hay. He would have loved to have remained in farming but our city is determined to pave every piece of green space we have left and makes life difficult for farmers. Oh man, our farms around here are surrounded by new condos and the stupid people who bought the condos complain that the manure stinks ... well duh, you moved in next to a farm and no, it doesn't stink. We even have people who moved into a condo development called 'Deer View Estates' and then wanted permits to shoot the deer because they ate the flowers ... I think stupidity should physically hurt. I could rant forever but I'll stop because I'm supposed to be reviewing. Just know we appreciate farmers! We know the work that goes into putting food on the table. Oh, I heard the heat waves are not over. I think your weather is pretty much similar to ours. Take care and try to keep cool somehow. Thanks for taking the time to write when you're so busy, we appreciate that too.
7/18/2010 c7 Dianne
This chapter brought back memories. I forgot how much Richard Dawson liked the lady contestants. The show sure isn't the same without him. It was nice that the guys listened to John's strategy to pass on the last round. Can't wait to find out what Roy and John will do in the money round. Great chapter!
7/18/2010 c8 krynny
yeah this is so cool.thanks for taking the time energy and love needed to make this rock you are the bomb.

hugs and kisses

7/18/2010 c8 29Maudlin Mush
Yeah! They won! I like how you had John and Roy answered the same; they are close brothers! Thank you for the fun romp through Family Feud. Good luck filling silos - hard work, long hours but the horses will be happy with their winter feed.
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