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for The Golden Age: Reclamation War

7/12 c84 Bread Leven
You could have stayed gone. No one wants to read your weird torture porn fic with too many ocs and your constant jacking off of Kira and Lacus (I guess you're like the real Gundam creators in that way though)
4/18 c84 EdeniteNoLonger
So happy to see an update. Don't have time right now to read, but hopefully you can finish TRW. The sequels might be too much, but who knows.
12/13/2020 c84 GeneralRico147
I am so glad to see this update. I have been returning to this story for a long time checking for any updates since I read the whole series four years ago. I hope you will keep updating it as you can because this story has been a great inspiration for both my own fanfiction and several books im writing. Its inspired me to do better at writing as well and improve my storytelling. For all of that I thank you and hope you won't mind a late comers review. XD
11/26/2020 c84 Jakeros
waltfeld being a g, Kira putting in some plans of his own, and lilia once more being a demoness. love it.
and at long last, after a year, yes year of trying to go through your damned stories, I'm finally caught up. and holy hell what a ride it's been. now I wait patiently for the next update. really, really glad you're continuing this again. when I first started reading, I was afraid I'd hit a dead story when I saw the lapse in update time. but since you updated during 2020 of all times, you still have faith in this thing. so I'm here and waiting, not so patiently, for LACUS AND COMPANY TO FUCK THIS WHOLE DYNAMIC UP!
11/23/2020 c78 Jakeros
demoness, to a T. I love it.
11/23/2020 c84 2delphinous
finally managed to reread everything and get caught back up on what's going on.
after rereading everything, i'm really starting to get the idea that yggdrasil has some sort of a goal of 'harmony' that is quite a bit different from what kunai and his group think it is, and that it's not really going to be at all beneficial to the human edenites
my predictions for the next major arcs are that USN will find garden city and get ready to attack, and that during the attack yggdrasil will reveal the existence of lacus and the kids to kira to try to make him fight harder, which will screw up everything.
i'm looking forwards to seeing whats planned out though
11/21/2020 c75 Jakeros
when all this is said and done, when the war is over, what is left for Kira? lacy's and the kids will return, sure, but what about his friends?
11/20/2020 c73 Jakeros
kunai you absolute piece of shit.
11/19/2020 c72 Jakeros
... that was the single most terrifying fucking thing I've ever read.
11/19/2020 c70 Jakeros
and thus, the union of demon and the now so dubbed demoness is complete. sort of.
11/19/2020 c69 Jakeros
serves the prick right. his choices were his own.
and now poor talia...
11/18/2020 c68 Jakeros
Two things:
1. lain has balls of gundamite.
2. meyrin is going to flip the whole system when she learns about ashino's little deal.
11/17/2020 c67 Jakeros
...i... well. well then. uh... hm. the definition of character development, right here.
11/17/2020 c66 Jakeros
first and foremost: Rey. you were a bastard, a real. rotten piece of shit. but in the end, you earned my respect. should've just shot her though.
secondly, welp, stella officially is on lilia's plane in terms of brass balls.
11/17/2020 c65 Jakeros
natalia, just fucking die already you psycho femi-nazi cunt. but sadly, that's not happening any time soon. and if you have one more part in mind, she'll be the main enemy, something to do with those black ghosts frost mentioned.
and speaking if frost, god damn it. of course he has to fuck up everything imaginable.
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