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7/30/2020 c1 anon
its native American, not "Indian"
12/9/2016 c1 FandomGirl07
Awesome storytelling
6/2/2014 c9 49Sammy's Missing Shoe
hoping for a sequel! i am constantly falling in love with every one of your stories one by one! keep it up :D
4/25/2014 c9 85skag trendy
Nice one babe. Lovely, Winchester ending, just the way it should be.

Ta for the wonderful story, hon.

ST xxx
9/14/2012 c8 8jaredpaderlecki
Oh wow! Please update this! :D THIS IS EPICCCCCC ;D ;D ;D (and yes, I am stalking all of your fics.)
7/24/2012 c6 Lexy
Oh, Dean :( *hugs Dean and attempts to be comforting* he's strong, Dean you know that better than anyone, Sam is strong and he can fight this he'll get better you know he will * thinking directed at Sam * you had better come back Sam I seriously don't think that Dean can deal with loosing you
7/24/2012 c5 Lexy
Okay Sam basically giving up was depressing but what in the name of all things in heaven and hell is fucking Red Dwarf ? Seriously I have no clue what so freaking ever
7/24/2012 c3 Lexy
Nooo Sam , he can't die he's not allowed he has to get better an quick 'cause he's not allowed to be in this much pain either :(
7/24/2012 c2 Lexy
* eyes shining with unshed tears* sammy
7/24/2012 c1 Lexy
* near tears* nooo Sam ? Sammy , Dean what the hell is wrong with Sam?
11/16/2011 c8 sw0rdfi5h
omg. :D

the story is so amazing *_*

would be cool if this was one of the episode in the tv show. xD

i found it soo cute when dean cried and the idea with red dwarf is so funny xDD

please keep going with the stories, they are all so special. :DD
2/19/2011 c8 51DarkAngel19881
Wonderful story! I am really enjoying it.
1/16/2011 c8 34Fuzzball457
Any chance you intend to continue? I really like it so far. Honestly, I've never watched Red Drawf, but I managed to follow the story anyway, it's really good and I would love to read more - I absolutely adore hurt/limp Sam.
8/17/2010 c8 9666-HyuugaNeji-999
:O More more more! You can't leave us hanging THERE! :P

Seriously, this is my favourite of yours so far :)

7/12/2010 c8 88darksupernatural
Yay sweetie! Finally got to play catch up here. So glad I did! Loved the chapter and Sammy FINALLY fighting. Update soon!
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