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4/1/2013 c3 Kit
Good story, I like how you let him keep his mind but I'm a little confused about the fact that he is taking this all in his stride. Not a complaint, just a coment.
12/30/2012 c3 1Raex
Heh, nice story, I seriously hope that you haven't let it die and that you will continue writing it.
8/21/2012 c3 Guest
... Do continue.
3/9/2011 c3 4Fallen-Ryu
woot! finally somthing on the other side...looking forward to seeing how Gy kicks some human ass...that and not get killed hehe.
7/6/2010 c3 3SGT.CJC
Wow! this fic's great, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more reviews.

though I normally support the Imperium I find myself rooting for these bloodletters, as I remember that while the Imperium defends humanity it is sometimes the worst kind of blind brutality. An example of which is given in this fic at the beggining. By the way I meant to ask, why did the trooper in the first chapter survive a shot to the head? It was funny but I am unsure if that is the way I was meant to take it. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter when Gy and his new squad get som 'paybck time'.

I must say, this fic is just about flawless. I find no mistakes wroth mentioning and as such, many congratulations are in order. So very very well done Starspawn. I hope you get more reviews, this story deserves it.

Update soon please

Keep up the great work.

6/25/2010 c3 warhound11
good job this is cool
6/13/2010 c2 TenWings
update soon!

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