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9/9/2013 c9 6MF 22
Its been close to two months. When are you going to update the fic? :)
8/1/2013 c9 MF 22
I almost completely forgot until now: If you are using Forgotten Past as a template, then are you going to use the Grizzaka bit (last chapter) from the that story (too bad it was never finished?) And is Casey going to regain even a small bit of his memory?
7/23/2013 c9 MF 22
I can't help but wonder what really happened to Casey after the accident, and what was motivating the men in the hospital. Gain compliance in what, and why?

Please keep the story going! It's really getting good!
7/2/2013 c6 MF22
I'm starting to get into this story, but wonder if it's going to be finished. I really like the amnesia thing, and the whole mate thing is intriguing, as well.
7/27/2012 c3 ShadowVampireMaiden300
Okay two words Love IT. Now you better write more of my new favorite or I will be super sad and cry
1/28/2012 c3 8casuallyimagining
Goodness, this ended abruptly, didn't it? Please, update this soon! I know it's been a while, but I think you've really got something good here!
6/12/2010 c2 18Alia D
Aw how cute! So Casey is Tora? Sorry I'm in the midst of chickenwithouthead situation and I'm being rushed. Thank you for being so careful to add a bit of flare to this story. I hate it when it's mostly dialogue and motions and movements are missed. Those are very important. I do have one question? Are you going to slow the story down? Are they going to find out about each other sooner than later?

Alia D
6/12/2010 c1 Alia D
*sighs* What is with all the testosterone flying through the air? I think Jasmine can do as well as anyone with any weapon if she wants. And why do I think that? I'm a girl. No offense to Theo but he should stay out of his sister's business. He can watch and give advice but I have an awful feeling that stepping in to deep will cause trouble. And are you going to talk more about Jasmine's relationship with her old friend?

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