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6/12/2019 c17 Elie Shirley Cartagena Menendez
me gusto mucho tu historia ami si me intereso pero esta historia solo le puede dar vida es su creador
1/26/2014 c16 1weisskreuz
Your story is very interesting and full of emotions. I cried at the part where Tsuna said goodbye to Kyoko.
Keep up the good work!
7/12/2013 c16 CoG.EMIYA
yeah, this chapter is slightly boring... will you include the shimon arc in this story?
6/18/2013 c16 4TripOverFlatSurfaces
Tsuna finally gets his wish of being normal...only to lose it within one day. I guess being a part of The Disciplinary Committee isn't particularly conducive to being normal, eh? On another note, is Kyoko seriously gonna just leave it like this? Is TSUNA seriously going to leave it like this? I mean, yeah he wants to protect them, but man... I look forward to what the next chapter brings!
3/30/2013 c4 2Clams-and-Rainbows
this was actually not that bad until you introduced those OCs. Well, not that it's bad per se, as the Manga has similar ridiculous characters as villains, but I guess I just prefer serious stories. Reborns is, after all, a gag Manga. :(
3/29/2013 c16 26Fi Suki Saki
Huwaaa... Tsuna is Kakkoi! XDD
He... he wearing Gakuran? Ughh.,. uwaaaaa...! Kakkoi! *snickering*

He even beat those delinquents! Awesome!


Ryoheeeiii... why he's angry again?! D'X
You should understand Tsuna's problem, Ryohei! Even Yamamoto understand! (Hayato of course understand Tsuna's problem. Since he's the right-hand man and who always stand beside Tsuna. And the smartest guardian!)
1/26/2013 c13 7Vuurvlieg
If Tsuna didn't exist, his friends wouldn't be facing a life of death and violence. I wonder if he'd think that. I wonder if he'll talk to his guardians (mainly Takeshi and Ryouhei) about that, since they are the most clueless. And I very much wonder if Tsuna will come to resent Reborn. Not because of what he got pulled into because of him and his manipulations(and the loss of the life that he wanted for himself) , but because the first friends he ever had got involved and now might never get out.
11/13/2012 c15 26Fi Suki Saki
Will Tsuna back to his cheerful side? I love the Boss and Cool side of Tsuna, but without the scaredy-cat side that Tsuna had, that cool-boss side almost meaningless! Because, Tsuna got strong because hia family, his friends, his precious who always support him! It's painful seeing Tsuna like this! When in the future, even Yamamoto got telled by Reborn to not forget the way he smile even in any difficult situation!

8/16/2012 c15 1Angel-Amy-22
PLEASE WRITE MORE! I'm addicted to this fanfic! I was fangirling and crying throughout the whole story! And you just comPleted one of my dreams. You made Tsuna part of the D. C. ! I love you! Your a god or goddess, I don't know nor care of your gender but you write one hell of a fanfic!
6/15/2012 c4 27Freefan1412
I noticed you are mixing up the use of time. When writing a story you got to stick to one; like only past tense or only present tense. Otherwise it is confusing.

Other than that this story is interesting. Good job. :)
5/4/2012 c15 SunshineTakara
4/7/2012 c3 d.account
U r soo awesome!

Yeah i know this sounds like every other comment but im serious

See im trying to come up with the style writing for this anime, but urs is the bomb

It takes talent to turn a anime/manga into an awesome fanfic
3/13/2012 c14 10OrangeSkye2772
Omg- I'm reading over all the FICS I've read about two years ago and I'm dumbstruck

The way your writing is- it's brought tears to my eyes!


I hope you can keep updating your story- it's ' EXETREMELY ' good!

P. S. Those were tears of joy. • ^ •
11/24/2011 c14 3Hoshizora Angel
Please update! You gotta do it!
9/17/2011 c14 7skepsis66
Haha - so looking forward to Tsuna's time as a DC member! Completely unexpected, unlike him trying to distance himself from Kyoko and Haru... Thanks for updating!
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