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11/28/2020 c39 name
Nice story u got there!
5/4/2020 c4 daemon452
This chapter is a lesson I why u do 3rd person POV. Cause that is unreadable
3/30/2020 c7 Red-Raven
This is so straight forward, would've been nice if they hid it for a while. Maybe a little suspicion
3/30/2020 c1 Red-Raven
Finally, a new long story, I always love stories concerning Percy Jackson.
11/17/2018 c2 Grimm Magician
Beginning of the chapter, you say " . . . peeing out of his cabin".
I think you meant, "peeking out of his cabin", or "peering out of his cabin"

No offense intended. Just some constructive criticism.
5/24/2017 c38 Guest
I don't understand Lercy. Sure he's not telling her what to do and seriously you're going to take a vamps side ove a humans side. You're half human, so you should know that humans are superior and be on the side of humans and how was he supposed to know they don't drink human blood when 2 only stopped 5 days earlier. That's like If titans stopped attacking gods and a god attacked titans, he would be against gods
5/23/2017 c20 Guest
""I'm going. Nico and Thalia are strong. Annabeth... she'll do anything to get me back. I want to go," I said."
Does he really think that he's not the strongest of them. I mean I know he's too loyal, but this is stupid, he's the best of them and he sacrifices himself for Annabetb. No offends to Annabeth but he's much more powerful
5/23/2017 c15 Guest
Hopefully Percy stops being stupid and realises that going against prophecies isn't ever good. Also how does he know she's younger than him and who is he to tell her what to do
4/20/2017 c46 271zepolab
Ways to kill monsters
271. Throwing pointy vegetables at them.
272. Guns.
4/20/2017 c45 PoultryInMotion
cease these cliffhangers.
and I like how i can feel the middle-school angst in these chapters. It's great.
4/19/2017 c43 nice
yeah the visual when she tackled her was gross
4/19/2017 c42 Jesus H. Christ
wait wth, what did i miss? whos this alec kid? did they accept the mission? how did aurora take over alex?
4/15/2017 c41 by far
the worst chapter of the series.
4/15/2017 c40 Hannah Baker
NIce, i really felt like this was the peace episode that is in between arcs. again with the cliffhangers tho
4/15/2017 c36 XD
Lit af songs, also did you just reincarnate amber as yourself
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