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1/22 c32 Ai Neko Yokai
I saw in the comments that people were asking you to write a sequel for this story overall. I don't think they appreciated, in a way, these final two chapters were the sequel. It's not the sequel they wanted, but this is the finish this overall story needed.

These last two chapters were short, but they were adorable and gave an unknown closure I didn't know was needed until I read them.

My first review was 15 hrs ago (so says this site). It's been an amazing day, thank you for spending it with me.
1/22 c31 Ai Neko Yokai
Ermashmermial, this was as fluffy as a wolf! (Let me explain, ermashmermial is me going ermagerd, but with my a-hole orange cat's name, Sam. It's reflexive at this point.)
1/22 c30 Ai Neko Yokai
So I see this is technically the last chapter.

One major piece of criticism I hold for this fic is that it was both too fast and this written concept of love in your fanfic. But that's a me thing where I dislike even the hint of infatuation and love being conflated.
It's weird, without the love bit, this wouldn't have been fast. The timelines (since we were presented with different characters and their POV) were pretty well stated. There were a few moments I was trying to figure out where the timeline was at, but it was easy to catch up.

The lighthearted humor, a dash of immaturity (the reactions of the adults seemed to be on the same level as a teenager who can't handle the concept of intimate relationships), and the interlaced seriousness and intensity made this a fanfic I would gladly reread. AND THE INTENSITY that you brought out! I'm glad that there are a lot of reviews that sound like beaming recommendations not only this story but for you! Thank you for writing this and sharing it with everyone! (Once I figure out my login information, I'm coming back to give this its proper dues of Favorite Story, Favorite Author, Follow Story, and Follow Author. (It's come to my attention that people get confused why readers will follow a story that's completed. I can't speak for everyone, but most of us do it because it seems woefully unsatisfactory and highly unfulfilling and just plain not enough to comment and favorite. So, you get the full workup that an unfinished story gets. ;) Mmkay?)

I will be reading 31 & 32 next, but I wanted to give the proper final review I would have given had I seen this when it first was published.
1/22 c29 Ai Neko Yokai
I'm still a bit miffed with Draco, but whatever... I'm happy that they're okay though *shrug*
1/22 c27 Ai Neko Yokai
Surprise!... (o.0)
1/22 c26 Ai Neko Yokai
See?! Remus knows Harry. Damn, Draco. And, yay, more patronus usage.
1/22 c25 Ai Neko Yokai
I really hate Draco right now. I hate it whenever he's written to be so insecure, when he should know better, when he expects to be given what he won't ever return. Damn it, I wish this was the other fanfic where he was murdered. (I know I am going to change my mind later and will sincerely regret saying this, but still. ffs. He's a negligent boyfriend right now and this hurts. And damn it, Theodore Nott, I should have known better and forgot that's what I wanted to say in the previous chapter. Damn, you're an amazing writer. I know better, but you're manipulating me like a fiddle. Damn you lol)
1/22 c24 Ai Neko Yokai
I can't remember what I wanted to say. *shrug*
1/22 c23 Ai Neko Yokai
I had been making cat faces with a (greater than sign, a caret, a hyphen, another caret, less than sign) and all but the hyphen and a tilde (I used in my previous review) were removed. Sad mreow.

(o.0) Maybe this face will stay?
(~.0) Maybe this one?

I'm not trying to cause problems. I'm stalling. I didn't think I'd read a 32 fanfic in one day. I know this is the 23rd chapter, but c'mon. Procrastination is a game, procrastination is life, stalling makes me come here to type this all out before I ever read the first word for this chapter...

Okay, this chapter was really great. But you already knew that!
1/22 c22 Ai Neko Yokai
...Can I just say I had been right even though I didn't stop guessing at the first two initial guesses I made? And that the other guy whose name I cannot remember again was really someone else...? I'm normally really good at these things... (I seriously wish I could use the eye emoji that's looking to the left. It would fit here, I swear.)
1/22 c20 Ai Neko Yokai
I cannot tell you how frustrating it was reading how he wished that they could contact the others to tell them about Carrow and they still haven't used his stag patronus.

But then I continue reading, you finally had a patronus used only for you to do what you did with Blaise and I was left going OH WHAT THE FLIPPING HELL?! Like, I'm screeching. I'm completely screeching! (I'm also writing the review as I read so...)

THIS WAS AN INTENSE CHAPTER. I AM STILL SCREECHING! (now onto the next chapter because what the hell, I put my guard down, what was I thinking?! Other than I really liked how this chapter ended...)
1/22 c19 Ai Neko Yokai
Well, I have a list of terrible guesses. I at least possibly struck right with one of them... (Yeah, I'm really bad at guessing lately...)
1/22 c15 Ai Neko Yokai
I'm guessing that flask wasn't what it was meant to be...
1/22 c14 Ai Neko Yokai
Ugh, so I realized that I did have other names in mind. Ginny, Greengrass had been mentioned with that love potion, and then Lavender Brown. They're people who would want to collect Harry, possibly maim him, but not want to kill him. Why?! Can't I just stop trying to predict how the story will unfold?
1/22 c12 Ai Neko Yokai
Okay, so I cannot help myself.
Um it's either the new teacher, the weird guy I forgot his name (greenhouse guy, was looking for Neville, you keep mentioning those knickers), that Penny, I am out of guesses...
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