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7/10 c2 LordofSorrow
So... I don't know what happened, but Chapter 1 and 2 are completely identical, including the notes at the end. The only difference is the title.
Imagining you intented to post the edited chapters on the 15th of June in '10, I'm not sure if anyone will even read this. A shame, really, since the idea is not bad.
5/27 c1 NazgulBelserion
Ughh gross emo angsty Harry the worst
5/7 c2 dragonriderluv
I would rather read the boy who lived version
5/2/2019 c2 millerr123
Please update this story because it is such a good story
1/13/2019 c2 Guest
Wish you would contue the story man
6/3/2018 c2 N. A. Wennerholm
Both Chapters are about the same with some minor differences. Plus it has been about Five years since the last update. Plus I find all this bit people being obsessed a load of bullshit. And trying to pair up minors that is just nuts. Minors kids should not be dating they are to young People really shouldn't start until they turn 20 and are no longer kids or teenagers with raging hormones. And are more intune with themselves and really know who they are and understand what it is they are looking for in a marriage mate.

And as for the Wizarding World they in need of a serious wake up call and disaplenary action especially Dumbledore for his manipulations. And the Potters for bring stupid enough to listen to him and not think for themselves.

It the Wizards and Witches went by by it would most likely not be much of a loss. In fact the rest of the world would be better of plus the Other magical creature would be better off because of they way they are viewed and mistreated.
5/20/2018 c2 Blake2020
Updated soon
5/20/2018 c1 Blake2020
Good start
3/6/2018 c2 Guest
Dude it's the same thing as before
8/11/2017 c2 1Sal19812
the same chapter 2x
4/24/2017 c2 PlanetMoonGod-Kun
I liked this one
11/25/2016 c2 Guest
I agree with silver try doing both chapters as single stories. that way you have two great and original stories.
10/24/2016 c2 R
This was a piece of crap.
Boo hoo. He got criticized, so he decided to try to off himself, despite the advanced healing factor. He went through criticism in school in canon, without attempting suicide. And that was without real family support like he was given with the X-men. Harry isn't weak. He may bend, not break. This isn't drama, this is bullcrap.

You are an idiot.
9/4/2016 c2 5Silver Dragon Master
First off Great Intro's each.

You should do the Wrong Boy Who Lived Story, since you can have the most fun with that version when Harry is found out to be the REAL Boy Who Lived. though with that, you should have a Manipulative Dumbledore, since that's what he really is.

Maybe you should think about doing two Stories, one with him being the BWL and the other one would be a WBWL story.
7/18/2016 c2 Guest
Non wrong boy who lived version please
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