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for Once a Slayer, Now an Immortal

12/13/2020 c5 Whitehorse
I have a better story to explain Buffy's immortality. First death… not important. Second death… she was brought back to life by the spell AS A POTENTIAL. Third death, during the last clash with the First… she was killed with the sword in her back, died and came back as an immortal just as she says to the First "I want you to get out of my face"... Nuff Said !
11/8/2020 c13 Notonebutfour
Very, very, very good and excellent story. I love Buffy new destiny. "There can be only one !" I have no doubt that she will win "The Game" in the end. Maybe you should do a sequel to this story in the far future for her final confrontation and her winning. I think that you are up for such a challenge for writing such a story. Good Luck !
11/4/2020 c13 Notonebutfour
I loved it ! Nuff said !
8/21/2018 c13 68RobinLady-in-Waiting
I enjoyed this story. You made it work well. I was surprised that you didn't mention that Immortals take on the skills and memories of their defeated opponents or that the fallen Slayers always seemed, to me, part of Buffy.
5/13/2017 c13 Guest
I love this story! Please, Please Continue!
1/3/2017 c13 6era-romance
really couldn't have given her a proper title? just call her the immortal slayer and be done with it
7/27/2016 c12 Fast Frank
Buffy drinking beer?
5/18/2016 c13 LadyPhoenix68
This is a great story, start to finish, complete.

I just wish there is a sequel to it because I would love to see how you handle buffy and result of this with all her other friends.
4/23/2016 c13 Irene
Loved it
2/17/2016 c13 40deathgeonous
Interesting and very good. I just reread Abby's New Assistant, and then saw this. Well, thanks for writing this, and bye for now.
2/8/2016 c13 Guest
Well I ended up loving the concept of Travers being an Immortal and being the cause of a split in the Watchers. Over all not a bad story at all. Could have taken more time to flesh out some bits and pieces, and I think Methos falling for Buffy in only 2 months was a little quick, but over all a good plot and enjoyable story. Keep writing.
8/10/2014 c13 Guest
This was a very good story. Like it!
4/12/2014 c13 3paskinmath
I love your blending of these two stories. It is so smooth and believable. is there any chance you will write some further adventures? I would love to see Duncan et al get involved in some slayerness. I think it would be good for him. Maybe give Buffy a job in his dojo? yay! you sparked my imagination and now interesting possibilities are floating across my brain. Thank you.
1/26/2014 c13 Guest
very good
4/12/2013 c13 locardxchange
Great story, I enjoyed it a lot.
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