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for Time Warp Trio

2/5/2018 c12 1DemonicFox6548
I know how it goes with diselxia it sucks, but don't let these people deter you from continuing this awesome story
6/26/2012 c12 3odetted99
This is amazing! I love it please sontinue!
11/17/2011 c1 3xBitterSweetDreamsx
What the hell is wrong with some people, it all right if people are giving you help in your reviews but telling you what to write is just wrong, don't listen to any people who wants to change your story.Great story, just need a few improvements on the grammar, OK?
9/23/2011 c12 Winterdew
I thought it was a good story! :D even if it was some misspellings I didn't care because it was so exciting story :3 Write more, please? ^-^
7/29/2011 c12 hateme101
this is really good, I love the story plot. your very good at writing I hope you continue writing
7/29/2011 c7 hateme101
this is a very good story
5/5/2011 c12 9korasami
Oh, you have dyslexia? so does my best friend, I completely understand. Yeah, some of those reviewers were little shits. Dont let em bother you.
5/5/2011 c11 korasami
Canary Creams, lol…and Dumbly's as dead as a doorknob! ooo, bad joke.
5/5/2011 c10 korasami
a weird image of a 1st year Hermione kissing 4/5/6/7th year Voldy flashed in my mind. Yuck. You're writing's definately improved-you created an (rather disturbing, actually) image of the scene!
5/5/2011 c9 korasami
this chapter was kinda confusing, but what the hell. still brill.
5/5/2011 c8 korasami
woah…that last bit was unHermioneish.
5/5/2011 c5 korasami
I love Tom…please dont let him be dead!
5/5/2011 c4 korasami
ooo, where's Mione?
5/5/2011 c3 korasami
nice :)
5/5/2011 c2 korasami
I dont think Dolohov would be that old, but it could be his dad. This chapter is even better!
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