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for Ukyo and Akane

6/14/2017 c6 3Aceina
honestly ukyo and akane should have hooked up or anything is better than akane waiting years for ranma who was selfish and ran off

ranma had no place in this story honestly i would have been fine with never finding out what happened to him in your story he was just a selfish bastard
10/5/2015 c6 7DJPandaGirl
Awww you could've written so much more! :( but oh well...
5/31/2015 c1 Guest
Hey Ranma doesn't drive them apart at all in fact at times he encourages them to be friends

Now if this aw Ukyo & Shampoo then you'd be right
2/13/2013 c6 16The Reality DumPer
I'm imagining Shampoo right now, after that kiss. I might write a fic for that . Nice one, I loved it. And I loved how Ukyo found out that she didn't like girls .
That aside, I really loved the story, so I'm favorite-ing .
2/12/2011 c6 1Rocco13
Nice freakin fanfic.
2/9/2011 c5 8SakuraJade
Awww, that's so sweet of Ukyo! I love your portrayal of her, it's exactly the way I think she really is (and would have been if something like this had actually happened in canon) deep down. I could also see her paying Nabiki to help track Ranma down. Seems the sensible thing to do. Too bad it sounds like it was money wasted. If Ranma's absences is only temporary then I think it was totally worth it if it meant bringing Ukyo and Akane together and helping Ukyo to realize that Ranma really was better off with Akane. They should have been friends all along really. Most of the time that Ukyo acted up against Akane it was b/c Shampoo goaded her into helping with one of her schemes, otherwise they got along until Ranma or their joint engagement to him was brought up. Ukyo kissing Shampoo for an indirect kiss to Ranma was pretty funny. If only it was that easy to get rid of her for real lol Finally, I feel sorry for Sayuki, Daisuke, and Hiroshi seeing how their night turned out (especially for the boys considering the amount of money they sunk into this date in the hopes of it going well). But at least the girls told them it wasn't their fault. One chapter left so I'm gonna go wrap this up :)
2/9/2011 c4 SakuraJade
Hahahaha I figured they had help, but I didn't know they'd had Nabiki arrange it. That was a good tie-in on your part :) So Ryoga's been around Ranma, huh? How interesting . . . And how observant of Akane to pick up on Ryoga using Ranma's moves. I guess the question is: will Ryoga having seen Ranma make a difference for Akane and Ukyo?
2/9/2011 c3 SakuraJade
So they are going out with Hiroshi and Daisuke. I guess I can by that. I think it's cool that you had this kind of thing transpire. I was hoping this wouldn't be a fic about Ukyo and Akane dealing with Ranma's disappearance by locking themselves up and not socializing etc. I like that you are showing them this way, that neither one is going to lay down and let the world pass them by b/c Ranma split. That would be ooc to me. Pulling Ryoga in for Sayuki was alright, although I would have rather seen him end up with Ukyo (I always liked them as a couple). Oh well. Poor thing thought he was getting a date with Akane though lol I could see him going for Sayuki though from the way she was fawning all over him. After all, we've seen girl Ranma trick him enough times hahaha

As for what Daisuke and Hiroshi are up to . . . I wanna say they have a bunch of their friends or classmates helping them make sure this date is successful no matter what. Smart on their parts considering all the things that regularly go wrong in Nerima lol Ryoga's lack of direction is keeping them busy enough as it is hehehe
2/9/2011 c2 SakuraJade
Wow, imagine my surprise when I saw that this was now finished! You left us with only one chapter for many months and then BAM! It's finished! Someone was busy :) I look forward to reading the rest of this in one shot, but I'll still review each chapter b/c I'm awesome like that lol Anyway, I enjoyed watching Ukyo and Akane bonding in this chapter. It was sweet and very believable. The ending was a bit of a surprise though. Are they getting ready for a double date or something? 0_0! And if so with who? Hmmm . . .
2/8/2011 c6 James Birdsong
2/7/2011 c6 22zeltronica
Damn it Ranma got cured where is the fun in that :P
2/7/2011 c6 3tuatara
Well, I still liked this, and it's not that it's a bad ending by any means...but it just. Feels much too easy, I guess. I really think the more honest scenario would be that everyone truly had moved on. Because that's what people do. I mean, why wouldn't they, with the way he left? It wouldn't have necessitated anything super-angsty, but simply the realization by Ranma that you can't just go abandoning the people who matter to you for *years* and expect them to have been keeping their lives on pause while they wait for your possible return. So he really faces no consequences of any significance for being a massive butthole. Sigh.

But I still thank you for sharing this! Like I said, I did enjoy it...even if I don't exactly buy the ending.
2/7/2011 c6 ryu238
Yay! Ranma is back.
2/2/2011 c2 1Rocco13
Nice freakin fanfic.
1/29/2011 c5 3tuatara
Why on earth does this have so few reviews? It's a good read and I thank you for sharing it.

But...so he's basically hiding from Akane and everyone else as a way to supposedly solve his problems? What a selfish, immature way to deal with things. I know that the whole macho "I must embark on a solo quest to make things right" approach seems somehow manly and stoic and blah blah blah, but that's all crap. In reality, it's the height of cowardice and arrogance.

But hey, that's just me! I'm a little on the sensitive side about such things. Good job with this. I definitely look forward to the conclusion!
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