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for Forbidden Love

9/19/2010 c4 15mednin
Great chapter, though I'm still kind of confused with everything, but I hope you keep updating! It's really good and please don't have Joey lose his powers, pretty please. Also, maybe you should tell the story from the beginning like how Seto or Joey fell in love? But, you seem to know what you're doing. Once again, thanks! :)
7/31/2010 c2 joychan
this is the same chapter you forget to click edit/update, didnt you -_-

review before you submit next time, you might catch misstake like that ^-^
6/24/2010 c1 mednin
This story is so good, the plotline sounds absolutly amazing. But, I'm having trouble following and your grammer is a little off. Plus, I'm kind of confused about all of it. Serenity is Joey's sister right? You put her as his daughter. Did Joey's memories get erased? Was it all a vision? Could you give me the basic outline of what happens, please.

I'm a sucker for angels, I just love them. I can tell this fanfiction is going to be great.

Also, I love the song you used ^^
6/10/2010 c1 4DevilsNvrCry
This is an awesome story, should be studying for finals buy you know what this story is simply astounding!I hope you continue it soon!
6/9/2010 c1 12Daydreamer-Of-The-Unknown
Well you have my attention,

I look forward to where you

go with this^^

Keep up the good work and I

look forward to the next chap!

x Casondrah Kiku x
6/9/2010 c1 7Willowsnake
It sounds like you have an interesting little romance going on here. I really love the title, too.

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