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for His Kids

8/27/2018 c1 Guest
This was awesome! I lived it.
3/23/2011 c1 Miso Muchi
Though I don't think they were in character (it doesn't really matter since this is ff), I absolutely adored this!
2/18/2011 c1 AgentKalGibbs
Awwwwwwwww That was adorable.
2/13/2011 c1 18SithelfJen
aww that was cute!
12/31/2010 c1 128Mulderette
Oh wow - I just loved this :) Love the detail and description in your writing and Gibbs caring attitude towards his "kids." This was very nicely done.
10/31/2010 c1 HAOKO
Awwww this got me all teary
8/18/2010 c1 63mollygibbs101
Just one word...


Wicked cool! Talent, my friend, talent!

Molz x
7/20/2010 c1 Amy'sDen
Just reviewed your other story and headed over to read this one. You are good; really good...and one of a very select few on my author list. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing.
7/18/2010 c1 MamaMinx
You are officially one of my fav authors here. I love your family feel and seeing the softer sideoff Gibbs
6/20/2010 c1 Ganjapanda
You know this was exactly what I wanted to rad when i stumbled across it. Great story, and great addition to the family genre.
6/13/2010 c1 1hannahelaine13
A little out of character, yes, but who the hell cares? I /adore/ this. So-so-so-so much.
6/11/2010 c1 7Mysteryfan17
On warning you should add at the top is the need for a box of tissues. I'm just lucky I had one nearby from an earlier tearjerker NCIS fic or I would need a new shirt too. 10/10 and fav.
6/11/2010 c1 17sueKay-04
Aw...I loved this!
6/11/2010 c1 15McWriterEO
I love this one-shot! This was so well written, and it wasn't OCC completely! It had just enough of the tuff-marine Gibbs and a softer daddy Gibbs. :)
6/11/2010 c1 Gibbs4Eva
Great story! Left me feeling all warm & fuzzy inside!
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