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for Can't Stay Away

9/24/2016 c22 1Azlady2003
Love it
2/27/2016 c3 jk
he keeps saying how damn easy it is...but he hasn't really done shit yet...or rather got her to do shit really he just sounds like a fucktard
10/6/2014 c22 harkie5
Cute story! Thanks for sharing!
6/11/2014 c22 Siriusmunchkin
That was a lot of fun to read.
3/15/2014 c22 crazycats7
Confused? If Esme and Bella are sisters, wouldn't that make Edward Bella's nephew? Good story, just got confused a little.
3/15/2014 c3 crazycats7
wow, he's mean.
11/16/2013 c22 2ImYours1901
Aww, this was amazing. Loved it xx
5/7/2012 c8 honeyimhom
Good chapter
5/7/2012 c7 honeyimhom
Good chapter
5/7/2012 c6 honeyimhom
Good chapter
5/7/2012 c5 honeyimhom
Good chapter
5/7/2012 c4 honeyimhom
Well he is set out to destory her.

Good chapter.
5/7/2012 c3 honeyimhom
He is an ass. Poor Bella being used .

Good chapter
5/7/2012 c2 honeyimhom
He is sick in the head to want to hurt someone that has nothing to do with what happened when he was born. I wonder how old they both are.

Great chapter.
5/7/2012 c1 honeyimhom
Sounds like it is going to be very interesting.
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