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for Percy Jackson and the Dissipating Mist

5/21/2021 c27 Guest
4/9/2021 c1 8the god of wolves
Interesting start
4/20/2020 c1 Guest
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12/28/2018 c42 Guest
Hey bro like this partner ?. Dude, I came here to tell you straight from Brazil that your story is way too much, wow, wow. I can not wait for this drama between percy and annabeth to begin. I am very anxious very same type brother, from a great reader of yours who is nothing more nothing less than Brazil, Attila Gabriel
10/9/2018 c9 2thefangirl984
Percy is honestly the most oblivious, clueless person ever. I think I was waiting since The Sea f Monsters for Percabeth to get together.
9/20/2018 c42 ThePointer

That’s adorable!

I’m in love with your story, and even though i just got here, I was able to read through all of it without pausing to read another fic, which is no small feat. Thank you so much for this incredible story, and I have faith you will return to it one day.

But please, don’t force yourself to continue. Sure, we may be disappointed, but in the end, you have to do what is best for you and if that doesn’t include this story, don’t let its weight drag you down.
9/19/2018 c14 ThePointer
9/12/2018 c22 Anonymous mortal
Ummm. Kelly is an empousa, not a dracaena.
6/29/2018 c42 3aRTsyisAwesome
Awwww, Percy and Annabeth's scene at the end is adorable! I love how they are getting closer. It's cool that you made the cyclopses have their own language. It allows them to have a chance to display their true prowess, not being restricted by a language barrier. Amy's story is interesting, I haven't noticed until now that the majority of Poseidon's children are male.

I love this story a lot, even if I only discovered it yesterday. A could clearly see how your writing has evolved from chapter 1 until now. I'm glad you still have the persistence to continue this story after
4/8/2018 c42 Guest
im fine with this slow update thing as long as u finish this. Seriously 500 something people are counting on u
4/3/2018 c31 Guest
Love this story. Oh and I think it's telkihine BTW but I'm not sure xx
4/1/2018 c42 4Lilie0107
Yes, you're back :D
Still loving this and your style of writing. Can't wait to read more -
3/31/2018 c42 4Annabella Prinx
Wow! Good to see you back. I remember this was one the very first fanfics I read ever, almost 8 years ago, it's so good to see you're planning on continuing with it. Feels like a lifetime so I may need to reread to remember all the story, but I'm in if you are ;)

Congratulations on your B.A. as well! I'm a year away from getting my own degree in civil engineering, and that just gives me even more of a time frame from where I was when I first stumbled upon your fanfic. Back then my username was 'xx Annabella Prinxess xx' or something like that. Anyway, welcome back!

Rose xx

PS: You should really give the newer PJ and Heroes books a chance. They're awesome!
2/9/2018 c41 Guest
u made 41 chapters but didnt make an endin
10/22/2017 c41 violaspunkybookworm
Ahhhhh! This story is so good! You probably won't update anytime soon seeing how it's been a few years but I really loved reading that story! I can't believe how well it was written and how it keeps my attention! I loved it and good job!️️
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