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for Law Lesson 201B Age Does Matter

11/29/2018 c1 Tagrin
I do hope to see a story from this oneshot and will keep looking forward to it,
9/13/2018 c1 113Scififan33
This was really good, please write the whole story soon! Pretty please? Is Harry a pre Immie? how did he meet Methos?
7/28/2018 c1 Jim Red Hawk
This story needs a whole lot more!

7/11/2018 c1 N. A. Wennerholm
Looking forward to when you write more. And continue this as a series of Stories. And thus wondering when The Wizarding world find that Harry is an Immortal but not the only one that Adam is one too. And knows the Laws far better than they do and the fact that Adam Bronson/Mythos is thousands of years old. And Quite Possibly knew The Founders of Hogwarts and Maybe even Merlin as well.

Along with say he also knows about the Various Charters dealing with the wizarding Governments and points out they are not fully autonomous and thus if they violate any of the terms giving them some independence said country and government in which they live can revoke and void it. For Great Britain, it would be the Crown so thus based on when this Story is taking place It would be Queen Elizabeth the second.

Plus it has been 8 years since this had been written.
5/4/2018 c1 dhamann7878
Just wow. All of Dumble's plans are toast now. Wish there was more but looking at your profile it looks like you've stopped writing. Very sad
5/1/2018 c1 ironhair
Where do I read MOAR? :)
4/26/2018 c1 Lisa G
Fantastic arguments. Well presented.
3/2/2018 c1 110NabikiB
Oneshot my ass. Continue this...
8/5/2017 c1 Guest
*evil snicker*

Poor Dumbles... all his manipulations regarding Harry have just gone Poof...
4/10/2017 c1 bookworm661
I really enjoyed this one-shot and would definitely like to read the whole story.
4/6/2017 c1 daisycb
please continue this and have Adam continue to help him take down Dumbledore, Fudge, Umbridge, and Malfoy
3/10/2017 c1 erik
Great writing.
3/8/2017 c1 27Kibou32
This is one of the renditions of Harry's trial that I like the most, the other is in the fanfic called "Long live the Queen". Excellent job!
2/26/2017 c1 geekymom
Cool...way cool.
1/31/2017 c1 SSGRet
Oooooo! I would LOVE to see this expanded on!
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