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for Now we must part

3/30/2014 c3 kanaeee
* chants* Yes , Yes, Yes.. finally the angst is back *keeps chanting* Yes, & there is more coming YESSSSS *throws flowers* I was wandering when they 'll split up and now it happens *squeals* I couldn't ask for more than that *grins*

Even though the first chapter of ur story was most interesting, however this one is truly awesome & The scene with Zero and Kaname was very touching and sweet but thnx to that corrupt,bastard,frivolous and disrespectful Rido everything between these two is ruined and they back to point zero how shame *stares hateful at Rido direction* Why are u making Kaname's life hell , can't u see how he loves Zero u selfish bastard though i did expect sth like that thus what made me bring chainsaw with me b4 and thats why i'n gonna castrate you and no one is gonna save u not even the author *pulls screaming Rido inside a dark room* & *shouts,chainsaw sound and maniac laughing could be heard loudly from that door*

Now if u excuse me senpai i'm kind of busy right now so would u be kind and not let any soul interfere , thank u .. any last word Rido . hahhaah

Oh! i'm looking for an update of this story . It is such a shame u didn't continue this amazing masterpiece story and i hope u didn't give up on it senpai plz i hope u find ur muse and if u need anything don't hesitate to tell me ne . Love u senpai and take care
3/30/2014 c2 kanaeee
Oh my God!This is such a lovely story. It is definitely urging me to finish this chapter in order to read the next one *And, your writing style is just superb. \./ .. I felt unnaturally scared and anxious of what will happen to my Kaname .. RIDOOO *roars*
I like how the plot is developing with all the twist and turns. hope to see more of Kaname and Zero 's sweet momentAnd you made little Zero so completely adorable and so venerable . I like when wished to grow up quickly and get stronger so as to protect the ones he loved
I’m looking forward to see how Zero will end up with Kaname and I'm always amazed at how brilliant your work is senpai ,, God bless u dear ...
3/30/2014 c1 kanaeee
You never cease to amaze me senpai how u came up with thses ideas ! I'm speechless /-/ I love your story. I love how Kaname is completely in love and is willing to such thing for him and how Zero is completely oblivious to Kaname's love. I'm just filled with so many negative feels for Rido right now ., Don't tell me he wants Kaname's body also *gets panic & brings chainsaw to defend Kaname's virginity* Take one step u bastard and look what would come of ur body *threats*
11/15/2013 c3 11xx sHioN
Update please! I want this to continue! TT
10/24/2013 c3 Cassie
4/25/2013 c3 5Dangerousluv
This story is really good so far! Please update soon!
4/9/2013 c3 1Hardly Horror
3/23/2013 c3 BlacKaZeBlue
What a cliffhanger!?

3/10/2013 c3 8LoverLove78
please update soon it been 3 years Are you dead?
4/11/2012 c3 irmina
I have reviewed this chappie a while ago, so I had to logoff in order review again.

I love this story so much, and as I was re-reading it I noticed it's been nearly two years since you last updated. I hope you haven't abandoned this story? Will you update it? *puppy eyes*
3/22/2012 c3 NXNYNZ
is this fanfic still ongoing or something like that?
9/12/2011 c3 Akane Rosery
can i know why you must always sacrifice kaname , for zero's sake , anyway good story , please update son .
7/21/2011 c2 iizanonymous
Hey, just wondering if you've abandoned this story (hoping for a no but i doubt it:( )..
6/30/2011 c3
0.0 I found another story of yours. I'm happy:D

Poor Kaname, Zero, please don't blame Kaname:( he loves you more than you think he does:(

You've got to let them get together again:D

Waiting for the next chappie:P FIGHTING!

Love, Crystal
4/24/2011 c3 Team Red Tiger Black Dragon
Please update soon it's really good
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