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4/6/2014 c3 Guest
i dont get while straight away hermione tells Jade about Ron when she dont know does jade know where hermione
lives when mione tells her to come to her
1/24/2014 c5 laurenr7
Jades a girl?
11/9/2011 c5 6JAIMOL
It's a great story. I was delighted to see how Jade has helped Hermione, their relationship is very pretty.

I think Ron should have been more harshly punished.
5/22/2011 c4 28FluffytigersquirrelE.B.R
3 things to say:

1: Don't take this as a flame.

2: Why is Percy and Demi there?

3:Ok, less drama is needed. Other than that, Its good.
5/22/2011 c1 FluffytigersquirrelE.B.R
Ok, its good but a wittle too much for the first chapter
3/19/2011 c4 NothingPersonnel
What? What was Percy Jackson and the Olympians doing in this? If they're at Hollywood Arts, why isn't anyone questioning the magic/godlike powers? Ah!
3/19/2011 c2 NothingPersonnel
Hermione can't be her confidant, independant self in this because she's battered. And Jade's nice?
3/19/2011 c1 NothingPersonnel
Definitely overboard! That does not make me want to read the next chapter! But I will. Then I'll review it.
1/18/2011 c4 15brainyravenclaw5
You spelled Azkaban correctly, just so you know. Kay-kay, Bye!
1/18/2011 c3 brainyravenclaw5
Hi, you said you doubt anyone is reading this so i wanted to tell you I have read this like a million times and it is still AMAZING! Keep up the good work. Kay-kay, Bye!
7/15/2010 c4 4i-am-the-wallace
love it! a little confused on the whole they're at Hollywood arts but still doing magic thing and then about demi and zeus and all that jazz but the basic jade/hermione is great!
6/18/2010 c4 15Falcon226
Whew, yeah, definitely easier to read now. Yay!

I'm slightly uncertain of the story's universe, as it seems to be some combination of Hogwarts, Hollywood Arts, and Camp Half Blood (possibly from a previous story's establishment?). Can only the people from Harry Potter 'verse do magic? I'unno. I'm still a little puzzled by the universe, but trust that it'll make sense soon enough.

And here is one more writing tip: Hermione said, "It's proper to put a comma before or after the word 'said', depending on where the dialogue is in the sentence."

So yeah. I'll keep reading. Hopefully other people will too.
6/15/2010 c3 Falcon226
I wish the chapters were a little longer. The idea's pretty good, but sometimes I get lost reading the enormous paragraphs. Just a tip: when the speaker changes, you need a new paragraph.

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