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5/31/2022 c1 Oyster2319
Read this ages ago and never realized there were 2 sequels?!. Def gonna re read this one the get into the other 2
5/16/2022 c37 BirdMan30
Absolutely amazing read! I can’t wait to read the other two volumes and I have to say this was awesome. Some parts were very similar to Calinstels work and it would of been great if his work was finished like yours is. Thanks for your time to write a great story!
4/26/2022 c17 Gazbo
"But is that what he would want? Your life trickling away reliving past memories instead of making new ones?" Shepard grimaced, realizing his own hypocrisy.

This is easily one of the worst parts of this fanfiction series. But I guess to be fair it's handled badly in the game too and this is also one of the worst parts of real life. If you love someone this much you're going to always be thinking of them and wishing they were still here, essentially always living in the past to an extent. For some reason people are so insistent on replacing their partners in romance in the same way you're replaced at some corporate job. It's somehow not possible to just have friends for companionship and make new memories with them or in other ways. This is just accepted for some reason. I'm remembering now that you have Kasumi hook up with Garrus eventually and I didn't think much of it when I was younger but this same logic easily applies to anyone else including Shepard and Tali the main romance. So being in their line of work making this very likely to happen, if either one died they would be replaced within a few years if that because it's just the "healthy" thing to do. Everything they did together up until that point doesn't actually matter anymore or by that admission in how you treat it it never really mattered as much as it seemed to or you said it did. I've always liked romance and fiction because I thought it was special but for some reason many authors treat romance in this limited and ugly way. I once wasted my time reading through a Zelda story with about eight hundred thousand words building up a certain romance only for the author to have them split and end up with different people. It's like people can acknowledge that romance means so much and have all this build up that's supposed to make you care or see it as special but then you also treat it like it's your last bowel movement. "Omg that relationship is like SO last year you need something new". It's disgusting. If romance at the end of the day isn't actually any more meaningful than another nice new food that will be digested and shit out I can't help but see all these moments and build up as pretentious.
3/22/2022 c20 1valkrus
Adams didn't die but I'm guessing you don't know that at the time of writing this?
1/19/2022 c24 Ruberforumfree
I'm seriously loving this story man, great job. Seriously.
7/1/2021 c36 MayContainHyjinks
Dear Tairis Dreamhan,

I've left a longer "letter to the author" on Razor's Edge Requiem but because I more or less binge read all three stories in less than a week I didn't stop to think about reivews or feedback until the very end.

Also just wanted to increase the review count by one so that more people might give your stories a chance.

Thank you for an amazing story
6/19/2021 c32 1Nighthawk1861
I don’t normally comment, but I really appreciate that Farscape reference. Good stuff
2/21/2021 c14 Ashran31
What happened to Tali when she woke up reminds me of Calinstels work, tho I dont remember the name he gave to the phenomenon, but unconcious Quarians went into instinct mode when woken up and tried getting their suit off cause it scared them, and the presence of their family or mate was needed to calm them, or a sedative if those were not available.
Very interesting
2/2/2021 c1 Hailomin9
Just gonna reread the greatest mass effect fanfics there are before the new games come out because it’s gonna be an amazing ride
4/21/2020 c35 3IbakeLikeIDream
Thank you, for putting the time. It's such a gift.
6/10/2019 c37 Blaze1992
It was interesting though a little confusing since some parts of the game were skipped over.
9/10/2018 c37 Hailomin9
One of the greatest stories I’ve read, and there’s two more to read. This has been an incredible ride can’t wait to read the rest
3/27/2018 c37 suzuki11g
Very enjoyable read, from start to finish.
3/14/2018 c37 5FORD B
Even though I have read this story out of order, still awesome read!
7/27/2017 c16 4Revliledpembroke
I can't believe you got Keiji's name wrong throughout this entire chapter.
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