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for Code Geass: Knights of the Old Republic

1/28/2016 c3 3HeroSeekerFrost
Null definition: "Having or associated with the value zero"
Coincidence? I think not!
9/22/2015 c3 2FearWolfXZ
This is rather interesting. Will be waiting for whenever you can get back to this one. Keep up the good work.

FW out.
1/12/2014 c3 Shadowprice
this is good you should make more
9/6/2012 c3 2Crimson Chrysanthemum
I hope you update! :D
10/12/2011 c3 ShroudViper
There is one thing that's bugging me. How many years have passed since the end of R2 and the beggining of the fic? 3 or 6?
9/24/2011 c3 26tailedninja
My guess is that Carrion is the Exile, and it has been *many* years after KotOR II. So what I want to know is: will Revan be in this story? It is obvious that he had a child with Bastila-Satale Shan's ancestor.

One thing I want to point out, you said that the Sith soldiers had black face-plates, was that intentional or a mistake?

5/19/2011 c3 ShroudViper
Am I ever glad that this story isn't abandoned. I like how you're giving everyone their own mini-story and the hinted links between them.

I don't mind waiting until the next chapter or the one after that for the Jedi vs Knightframe battle. I just want this story to move on.
5/18/2011 c1 9ThatDesGuy
Great chapter, Great Story, but not to be a troll, but can you update soon? I have been waiting for a while, I know you got family problems and all, dont want to rush you, but... HURRY UP!
4/13/2011 c3 12Magus1108
My my! A great chapter, this was! I enjoyed reading it a lot. The revelations of the Carrion/Lelouch relationship was quite interesting, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the great and wonderful work!

Hm. And I do not remember if she has appeared yet, but I do wonder what has happened with C.C.
4/3/2011 c3 Ghost2113
Wow I really enjoyed reading this fic and like where its going! I'm a pretty big star wars fan myself but I've never played the rpgs but I think you're doing pretty well. If you haven't found one already I am willing to be your beta/editor :) Keep up the good work
3/21/2011 c3 JC

I think Carrion have block some of Null,s real memories.

I will also love to see Jedi face Knightmares.

I hope you update your other stories nick2951.
3/20/2011 c3 ChaosRonin

Glad to see this isnt dead yet. Im really enjoying it, the old republic is my favrioute setting out of the star wars universe. Your evil though leaving us in suspence i really want to know how Kriea and Lelouch met and resrectred him, i cant wait to find out ^_^

Cant wait till next chapter and i hope everything works out in your personal life.

3/20/2011 c3 2Ragez
Amazing work!
3/20/2011 c3 16animefan29
Nice chapter, glad to finally know how Lelouch "survived" and became a Sith.

Judging from what you said in the Author's Notes I will gladly look forward to the next chapter.
3/20/2011 c3 deadpool2.0
great story update soon don't wait
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