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3/20 c4 yourfoxydope
u must delete this shit
3/9 c69 jonahtapper1228
While I really enjoyed and read your whole story I hate how you ended it! You just left it like a fucking cliff hanger. He doesn’t actually become hokage and hasn’t chosen a girl to be with! Why not let him be with all of them? Call it a condition of becoming the hokage is he needs to be in CRA! Or at least have him choose one girl? I mean come on the cover art on your Wattpad story shows him with all the girls so you should have him end up with them all. But instead you ended it with nothing! If you don’t like how you wrote something then go back and rewrite it! But as a loyal reader I feel cheated that we don’t see the battle of him and kyuubi nor do we see him be hokage or who he ends up with! This just pisses off your readers man! I truly hope you take this all to heart and fix or truly finish this!
3/2 c69 1Urdrald
Gotta say it to you man, this was an awesome read. You did an amazing job with everything, from character relations, to fight scenes that always kept me immersed and the changes you made to the plot here and there were just superb. If anyone is reading this review and wants to read a story where Naruto isn't a dumb idiot with an unhealthy attachment to sad boy Sasuke, this is the story for you.
2/26 c24 mephy
little addition to chapter 24 your making gaaras father (4th kazekage) to be like 50 (27-30 years between uzus fall and now) and changed sunas participation in the third war.
would have been nice to know beforehand how extensively your changing the lore to avoid strange o.O-moments.
2/25 c11 mephy
to chapter 11: bones are semi conductive.
he could have lit him up like a led
2/24 c56 SrChangeling1
"and there are no aliens to justify the absurd boosts of world smashing power...That we know of"

2/11 c69 abhidanoob1393
I just hope you come back to writing. I really really am looking forward for more fanfics by Kenchi
2/11 c69 abhidanoob1393
I feel content with this story. The start was great and the end was greatest I love it
2/7 c10 dragonlord4546
ok this was hands the greatest chapter in of any fanfiction ive read to date the mercenaries 2 opening song was absolutely hilarious
2/6 c69 4Ketto Uzumaki
Love the story and you finished in a way I could never expect especially since you clearly read the manga and went to atleast Obito vs KCM2 so I’m surprised you didn’t use any of the BS everyone hates I do have some small gripes with there being no pairing and no conclusion to Naruto vs Kurama but I’m fine with that since it just shows how invested in your story I’ve become insane to think this finish before Legacy but thank you for the wonderful story and no I think I’m go through the path of life and go to the next story from you or one of the other wonderful creators
1/29 c1 AsuraTheGreat
Massive little det-whateverthefuckitsaid?
1/23 c69 Guest
Really really old story but would have liked to see a proper epilogue as in future years with naruto as the hokage
1/23 c57 KidIcarusjr
Dragon of the darkness flame? Hmm sounds familiar lol, nice reference.
1/21 c24 Death Lantern
Did you just create an ben10 charm caster ?
1/4 c69 3JohnDouglas4274
Damn, that was good. SpecOps Naruto for the win!
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