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for The Sealed Kunai

10/9 c56 Bomb Squad 666
Well damn, that authors note damn near predicted the future. Now if he'd just said something about Kurama dying he'd be hailed as a prophet.
9/29 c31 Rodo22
Wtf… he was looking all strong and badass but now he’s acting pathetic
9/26 c23 Makaze125
awesome time on the re-read. in concerns to your bruised "boys", either a: your opponent was faster than your checks or b: you didn't check well enough, lesson learnt thoughwhen sparring or fighting wear a ballbox'
9/16 c12 Laura234
wow, your disclaimer is really homophobic... Just wow. If you don't like it, then don't read it ffs. I did have couple thoughts about the way you portrayed Narutoa fudge boy), but man, I thought I was exaggerating. Nope, did you portray him according to yourself?
9/12 c1 ankleangel
can i first say hos all the fucking pussy ass ninggas reviews we're guest. thats a pussy move man.
9/11 c1 2neonfirefox
fun story. tho the plot is all over the place
8/18 c29 Nad19
oh shoot they send him away alone when there is three strong people want to fight him, oh boy
8/18 c28 Nad19
ups he jinxed it, now assume and zombie duo would come attack him
8/18 c15 1Plasma Dragon 312
Here’s hoping that Samui and Naruto fall for each other.
8/17 c45 Lewito
Sakura piss me off
8/15 c34 Guest
I hate doujinshis of kagebunshin gangbang I don't like it here either overall most humourous and understable Naruto FF I have read I like except kage bunshin fiasco
8/15 c6 GingerGod7
Damn I must admit the prank chapter was fucking hilarious good job writing it
8/15 c1 2Kangkarot
Damn I'm coming back for my third reread what's with all these negative reviews lol, at least read the whole thing before you clown on it
8/15 c10 RyuuyaOoguro
the fuq? sometimes i just don't get why authors plug the whole lyrics and not just the title of the song. No skin off my back I guess, I'll just scroll but sometimes I miss things with all the scrolling.
8/13 c31 mbrevig
yep I'm done, 4 chapters of bs political missions in a row is several chapters to many for me to remain interested.
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