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6/23/2011 c33 68Kimmydonn
I loved the mythic imagery in this one. You did such a good job. I'm a sucker for anything mystic/mythic. ;)
6/23/2011 c32 Kimmydonn
I love short and sweet. These two are fun even in a few words.
5/6/2011 c31 Kimmydonn
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. :) The last line is perfect.
5/6/2011 c30 Kimmydonn
Sweet. Bringing her in from the cold. Lovely.
5/6/2011 c29 Kimmydonn
This was perfect at the time. I needed an escape from winter, too. It's nice now! :D
5/6/2011 c27 Kimmydonn
Yeah, but you came back with a man-meat bang! I still want my ticket to Boytoy Fantasyland, btw.
5/6/2011 c26 Kimmydonn
Heart breaking. I'm glad she was such a strong woman. Your italics didn't go through (just to let you know)
5/6/2011 c25 Kimmydonn
This one still makes me giggle snort.
5/6/2011 c24 Kimmydonn
Someone was busy. ;) Did you ever take any flack for this? I doubt it. Kinda neat reading it now after the weekend.
2/3/2011 c21 Kimmydonn
Seemed to take WAY too long for them to get to Italy. It's just Edward and Bella. Those two can't get it on to save their lives, I swear!
1/8/2011 c16 Kimmydonn
I am loving watching Cory and Holly put their relationship back together. I can't wait to see them take their next steps. :)
10/21/2010 c14 18TwilightMommyof4girls
So happy to see the whole thing come together! Love it. Hard topic to deal with but done very well.

8/24/2010 c10 Crimsonella
I really liked this chap...really well written :)
7/13/2010 c5 68Kimmydonn
Ahhh fluffy goodness.
6/15/2010 c1 Kimmydonn
Awesome! What a great birthday present. Incidentally, if you need any other Photo Prompts beta'd quickly, just pop them my way. :D
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