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for Fate Hates Me!

11/13/2010 c20 jediahsokaroxx
lol, that was funny and kinda gross.. in tnhe good way! Wait does sound weird? Nevr mind, I loved it nonetheless, cant wait for the next chapter! :D
9/19/2010 c4 adia.M
FLY ON is soo awsume! ur good kid even thou im like at least 2 yrs younger than u
9/19/2010 c19 jediahsokaroxx
yay!Am soo hapy you updated! :D Cant wait for the next chapter! :D
9/18/2010 c1 adia.M
it's good
8/30/2010 c18 4ThaliaSachico
So frigging cool Sara! WHERE THE HELL AM I? HUH? Ha, just kidding. But I know where you live... *evil smile*
7/13/2010 c18 jediahsokaroxx
No prob that it was short, still loved it :D cant wait for the rest :D
7/6/2010 c17 jediahsokaroxx
whoa i cant believe she tried to kill herself! cant wait 2 see what happens next! :D
7/5/2010 c17 4malfoymannor
Very good chapter, I loved it!
7/3/2010 c16 Mby
The chapter was bella would again fall for edward,its gona be so good,plz post the next ch. soon =!)
7/3/2010 c16 malfoymannor
Great chapter!
7/3/2010 c15 malfoymannor
Great chapter
7/2/2010 c15 Mby
Chapter was good,but too looked like a short paragraph..plz post the next chapter soon =!)
7/1/2010 c14 Mby
I love this ch.,it was my fav by was just amazing...but would be wonderfull if next ch. should be a little longer...cant wait plz update soon
7/1/2010 c14 malfoymannor
Great chapter, and sorry about your laptop...
6/30/2010 c12 Mby
Hey v r waiting for the next chapter...plz post it now,cant wait any longer
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