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9/2/2010 c1 17Laelyn24
How did I miss this! I love, love, love it!

Love this line:

"See, we was kinda famous at the moment, what with the strike and our picture in the papes and all. I felt important."

And to think of Blink wearing a bowtie with his eye patch just made me giggle.

Your stories never fail to impress! I hope we get to see more from you! I miss seeing you are the fandom!

6/21/2010 c1 7Blinksgoil92
this is great
6/18/2010 c1 1AdrenalineRush16
Aw man Ces, I'm so happy that you posted this. I've missed your stuff soooooo much! You do a nice job bringing out Kid Blink's personality through the writing, espcially in this line: "I wonder how I would look in a bowtie?" Lol! Loved that. The last line was great too. I completely agree! :D

Keep up the fabulous work! I hope to see more soon!


6/17/2010 c1 10Pegasus M
I love that you put a twist on a song verse. I hadn't thought about Blink's line in that way before, so it was interesting to read a different interpretation on it.

The writing was also great. I could really believe that it was in Blink's voice, especially the part where he's talking about wearing a suit. He just sounds so excited by the thought of it. ;) And the last lines, tying it back to his verse in the song, made for a wonderful finishing touch. ;)

Great work!

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