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1/13/2018 c1 Camrenbeatzforyou
Damn this was sad and what Yoruichi was saying touched my heart
4/4/2011 c1 RarusuRinnu1310
aww, so cute! i never even knew you uploaded this :O its adorable, the way you wrote them :)

nice job ^^
2/24/2011 c1 UrsKa-0017
now I cry like a baby. this is good. emotional. great. keep it up. ^^
7/5/2010 c1 Wendy Dong
I loved it! The romance and tragedy in this 50-word story brings thought into me. Once i started i could'nt stop. You did a great job writing this! =)
6/19/2010 c1 8KillerDragon001
Sweet and sad story ^^77
6/18/2010 c1 4CaptainYoruichi
That was really awesome. ^_^
6/18/2010 c1 Milo
Welcome to the fandom! I do hope you'll write more. Despite the sad ending (thank god you pre-warned us readers first) it was still a lovely read.
6/18/2010 c1 30SoldierG65434-2
Man you weren't kidding when you said that you were starting to get into YoruSoi because of my fics.

I also noticed that you registered on our forum. I hope to see you posting there soon.

But moving on to the fic itself; I have never seen anyone do a 50 themes set like this before. Usually, when people do sets like this, it's just a collection of disjointed sentences. But you made a coherent story out of it. It makes me wish you hadn't bothered with the set and just wrote the story straight.

The only thing that irks me is, as you mentioned in the authors note, is crediting. The set you used was the Alpha set on our site. If you did get the set from our site, I would like you to make note of that. However, I'm not so naive as to think that we are the only site with that set. In all likelyhood, we nicked it from someone else. Credit where credit is do, is all.

That aside, I'm glad to see a new author in the YoruSoi community and look forward to reading what else you deiced to write for this pairing.
6/18/2010 c1 Urahara144
Beautiful piece of work you got going here. Granted, I'm not much into this fandom I still carry a great deal of respect for it.

Altogether all 50 themes were good, even the short ones seemed to merge with the next ones in an almost poetic way.
6/18/2010 c1 Kaiser969
This fic is excellent so sad and touching. Congratulations!

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