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for A Stray's Tenacity

7/13/2010 c2 1Karaii
He could nearly hear her thinking 'you were born an old man'

Oh, Noah... I agree with this statement - both he and Basch were more akin to the elderly as children, because of war, because of death, because of their split; it's like they were never given a chance to be kids ;_;

Beautiful way of phrasing it - I'm enjoying your characterization of the twin's mother very much! *w*

"I've had enough. With leaving."

That broke my heart D: These were an amazing two chapters, I loved it!
7/13/2010 c1 Karaii
Oh, that really bit into my heart ;O; The fact that Noah feverently denies ever having waited for Basch to come home, for a whisper of anything concerning him, when it is clear he DID wait and found nothing, embittering him.

And that little scene where Noah first felt enough to point an arrow at another, and he hesitated instead...and Basch looked grateful - their silent communication, and understanding as youths; which was then broken and mutilated as adults...

I couldn't help but find these cast-out wolves (easy for prey, easy to spot on unfamiliar terrain) like Noah was, when he was thrown at Archadia's feet after Landis fell...I love the way you write *w* -keeps reading-

Basch to the rescue! (I hope it's Basch O: ) I like how jarring the twist from frenzied flight to pained disorientation is, when Noah gets attacked and begins to bleed out. Like he doesn't understand he's been mauled, and is still in the mindset of running, and hasn't noticed he's fallen...

Ooooh, onto the next chapter! *w*
6/18/2010 c1 9ladyofdark.1981
You got my attention with this one, looking forward to future updates

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