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3/19/2011 c17 107Nanase Kei
Hey, hi. So, after reading your note, I tought it would be good to say that, even if you didn't finish it, I seriously think it's one of the best pieces of work I've ever seen in this fandom. It's angsty, but sadly believable; you get the characters very well and your writing is beautiful. I'd happily offer myself to continue it, but english is not my mothertongue and I still have some difficult in writing it (that's also the reason why I haven't review this before). Anyway, I completely get your disapointment with the show - I finded season 2 so, so terrible that I actually stopped watching it after Never Been Kissed, and I didn't regret it. So I just wanted to sayu that I really, really liked the story while it was going. You did a great job (:
3/15/2011 c17 josepharthur
I'm disappointed to see the story end, but hey, what're gonna do? I totally understand. Just know that you're very talented and not only did this story rock, but it could have been just PHENOMENAL had you chosen to finish it. Though I'd love to take it on myself (because it's such a great story and it can't not continue) I too have an issue with updating and it would not be anywhere near as good if I touched it. This is your story and you are the reason it's great. Odds are, if anyone else takes it on, it will just pale in comparison.

I definitely have not forgotten about this story and always wondered when you'd finally update. Looks like it's ended, though, and like I said, I'm sad to see it go, though it was really awesome to of read up to this point.

And if it isn't too much to ask, I would just love for you to PM me and tell me how it would of played out, how it would of ended, and perhaps even show me any other documents you had written for future chapters. I'll take anything at all, no matter how much or little, and it'd mean a lot. I love the story and if you can't finish it, I'd at least like to get an idea of what it would of been like.

Thank you for sharing this fantastic sorry and don't worry about not being able to finish it. It happens!
3/14/2011 c9 132It'sTimeToDance
3/14/2011 c17 2E. Jean Boyd
Story alerted just incase. I hope you change your mind and finish this. it's hearbreaking. and you totally left me hanging on hooks.
3/14/2011 c17 15lastofthecrimelords
Nobody can "adopt" this story! It's your style that makes it so wonderful. It's really kind of tragic and haunting, and just every sentence I read makes me think, "YEAH! I totally wish I'd written that!" You realise nobody will care if it deviates from the second series, right? Just write it for yourself. If the whole thing is planned out, then finish it! I realise that since you've left this whole note saying you don't want to finish it and nothing can sway you, then this plea is pretty much useless, but I'm asking anyway, because you are a fantastically talented author and this is one of the few fics that makes me want to cry without it being depressing at the same time - a very difficult thing to achieve. Your ability should not be wasted. Please reply to this review and list all the reasons you cannot finish it, and I'll think up arguments for all of them. I'm in the school debating team, so be afraid.

- Alice le Strange

PS Your characters have become so real to me that leaving them as they are would be like killing a friend. DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR HANDS? No, you do not! My rant is over. Peace out and goodbye.
3/13/2011 c17 silver-teddy-1342
I really can't say I blame you. I loathe Kurt in Dalton and have become more and more dissapointed with every episode he stays there.

It's sad that you won't be continuing, but its better to stop writting it than trying to force youself to do something you don't enjoy. That's the whole point of fanfiction after all! :]

See ya around~!... though not literally because that would be rather strange...
3/13/2011 c17 Theamericangirlnextdoor
Don't feel bad, these things happen! It was a good story while it lasted! :)
2/24/2011 c16 1jacaranda blooms
I have to say, this is a little hard to read. It's written in such a hauntingly beautiful way, and all the things it touches on is just... I can't even think of a word for it. It's just beautiful. I've had my fair share of bullying over being gay, never anything as bad as poor Kurt, but reading this I literally started tearing up in places. I really hope you continue this story, because it's really, really good and I'd love to see continued.
2/21/2011 c16 26ducky76
why has this story not bee updated in so long? it's so interesting! i'm dying to read more!
12/28/2010 c16 2merlinfan93
I think I may be evil-I love reading about Kurt being depressed and broken. Please carry on!
12/27/2010 c16 Coeur
Ohmygosh! Please update! I know that the real world can get in the way, but I just found this story, and it is just brilliant. And I think the title is great as is :)
12/18/2010 c16 6JustYourAverageRavenclaw
What's happening to Kurt? Is he having a panic attack, or is it something worse? Please, please, update as soon as you possibly can!

- and by the way, I don't think you should change the title. I like it :)
12/18/2010 c16 IOTR
Oh my god, you seriously have to keep this story going!

This is amazing and tragic and just.. I love the way you write Kurt and even Brittany. I'm awful at reviews so I'll leave it at that.
11/27/2010 c8 Mrs. TheOtherAsian



Are you purposefully TRYING to make me cry? (Don't answer that, I know it's yes.) but seriously. Love it love you. Keep writing. Anything at all!

"He knew the answer, and he finished it in his head. Stop…putting on makeup and humming show tunes and wearing tiaras and dancing like a girl and using big words and singing high Fs and talking like a helium balloon and, damnit, stop being so gay, Kurt."

I Love Kurt!
10/25/2010 c16 76Aki and Tenshi
I just found this story, and I have got to tell you, it sucked me right in. I definitely can see a progression in your writing. I think one thing about what you do that I really like is how you sometimes have these very small scenes, but they pack a lot of punch to them.
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