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12/6/2016 c7 1Icebluecrystal
So great! Love it! Please update soon!
5/12/2016 c8 1Flower.genius
OMG, OMG, OMG! OH. MON. DEIU! I LOVE YOU'RE STORY SO FLIPPING MUCH!3 PLEASE CONTINUE. I know that it's a long-shot to ask you to continue, seeing that the last review you've gotten is from 2014, 2 years ago, BUT PLEASE CONTINUE! It was getting SOOOOOOO GOOD! I NEED TO SEE WHAT WILL HAPPENS NEXT! I NEED THE "reallllly long chapter" you promised! I swear it's fanfic like this that inspired me to start writing my own fanfic. I only have 2 reviews and you have 107! Please know that I'm not the only one that thinks your story is awesome! If you saw this, PLEASE CONTINUE!
11/27/2014 c8 1Icebluecrystal
Your story is down right amazing! So is your writing! Love it, please update soon
10/18/2014 c1 Guest
6/6/2014 c8 Guest
Lee is the dude from the other story!
1/26/2014 c8 1fierytwilight3901
Please continue
11/6/2013 c8 2Jay Madeleine Gryff
please, please, please continue!
1/31/2013 c8 User Not Active Anymore
Where's the chapter you promised me? :( Waaaah... This is so awesome I NEED MORE... :)
7/29/2012 c8 Guest
Heyyyy! Any chance of updating this brilliant piece of work?
12/28/2011 c8 8thatonechickMR
I loooove that song! Gee by girls generation! I have a TON of their songs on my iPod! Great story. Well rounded. Good suspense! Plz update!For me?
12/2/2011 c8 2MiniAsianDoll
Please update soon! It's nerve-wreaking to wait for the next chapter! You're such a great author!
11/22/2011 c8 4BookNNNerd1218
Did you know...

That I check to see if this story is updated every month? I realize I would get an email if it was updated, but I still check. It has come to the point that I want to scream at you for not keeping up with it. This was one of the first stories I found when I joined FF a year ago, and has forever been my favorite. All I can say is... PLEASE CONTINUE!

10/23/2011 c8 Guest
I love ur story! Please! Update soon
9/9/2011 c1 Meeee
Wow ! You're awesame ! You're the best fanfics writer i've ever seen , and i've seen alot !

I'm also a fanfics writer , but in facebook , and in hebrew .

I must say your writin is soo good ! It's the the really athours of the 39 clues wrote it , i swear ! Keep the good work , and continue !
9/8/2011 c8 Lydia Hand
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