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8/15/2018 c12 Thomas-The-TMC
The naked raditz scene is without a doubt one of the funniest things I've ever read
3/30/2017 c22 Blake2020
Very good i wonder who this stranger is and update in 2017 if possible?
3/30/2017 c21 Blake2020
Funny chapter
3/30/2017 c20 Blake2020
3/30/2017 c19 Blake2020
3/30/2017 c18 Blake2020
Nice chapter
3/30/2017 c17 Blake2020
Sweet chapter and so Ryoko doppelganger need to be stop and now washu and Raditz has doctor clay in theirs hands now as well
6/11/2015 c9 Axcel
Why did he change back?
6/11/2015 c6 Axcel
RYoko, at full power you've fought Saiyan, low-class children and still had a hard time. You're screwed.
6/11/2015 c5 Axcel
Yeah, no. Jurai would easily be butchered by even a low-class Saiyan.
6/11/2015 c1 Axcel
To be fair, the only use of the dragonballs has been resetting things so there can continue being apocalyptic battles for our entertainment.
2/5/2015 c1 GhostKing666
This idea is interesting but there is just one thing that bugs me. Exactly how screwed is Goku's earth now that Raditz is off doing his own thing? Because Raditz set the ball rolling for the entirety of the Z arc of Dragonball. Without him, or someone to take his place showing up there's no King Kai's training, no Vegeta and Nappa paying earth a visit, no heading off to Namek, no fighting Frieza and no Super Saiyans.

I suppose it might be possible for a time traveler to pop up warning about Gero, but without the massive PL boosts gained over the course of the Saiyan and Namek sagas, Gero would need much less powerful androids then 17 and 18(and far more controllable) to wipe out Goku and anyone else opposed to his rule(he's not the type to screw around for funzies like 17 and 18 were, so its doubtful that Bulma would survive or live independently long enough to make a time machine) so that earth is screwed.

Good news, there's no Cell(or at least a less powerful and broken Cell because the only alien DNA Gero is guaranteed to have access to is Goku's and Piccolo/Kami's, no DNA from Frieza and King Cold granting Cell the ability to survive anywhere and shrug off the most mortal wounds long enough for his namek DNA to heal him), bad news Gero knew Goku was an alien as far back as Goku's fight with Major Metallitron(during the fight Metallitron's scanners label Goku as an unidentified alien and that Metallitron was sending the data of the fight back to RR R&D, aka Gero) so Gero after killing Goku and taking over the earth might spend some time searching the earth for Goku's ship and could end up finding either it, Kami's ship or even both. Which leads to Gero's own personal army of robots, androids and cyborgs carving out his own despotic empire, possibly over throwing the Cold Dynasty in the process.

And all this comes to an end once Babidi pops up, frees Majin Buu, loses control of Majin Buu, and Majin Buu proceeds to destroy everything around him until he goes back to sleep(as per the new canon about Majin Buu's history where Bibidi only found him rather then create him and Buu's actually some really ancient being of destruction that repeatedly wakes up, destroys everything, and goes back to sleep again in a repeating cycle), unless Beerus or someone from the Tenchi crew stops him or turns him good.

Yeah for a character with such a short amount of screen time Raditz was very important to the progression of the Z timeline and his absence butterflies a heck of a lot.
8/15/2014 c22 Guest
Ok this is really good. Plz update soon, and are the Z Warriors gonna show up at some point.
10/29/2013 c22 9tomorrow4eva
Enjoyed the chapter! Tarble & Sasami are very cute.
10/29/2013 c21 tomorrow4eva
I'm loving this story. It's a lot of fun, and very very well written.
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