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3/31/2018 c1 Pr0xicleen
this is kind of like a children's book
10/27/2015 c4 129Riku Kingdom Hearts
I've been reading this and so far it's really good. Though some sent fed copied be a bit better. Some sentences seemed so simple like they were from a children's book. But I still really really like it so far. I also like how you incorporated the song used in Treasure Planet, with the flashbacks and stuff. That was good. I will continued to read this.
6/27/2015 c6 Mia Ariana
5/19/2015 c12 LOVE
This would have to be the best Ariel x Jim crossover I have read so far. As a matter of fact it is the only completed one. I love how you kept all of the original lines but added Ariel on as a character. Also, instead of Ariel being mute you kept just the way she is, except she asked her DAD for legs. GENIUS! I might base a fan-fiction on your story. I love it so much! Please write more completed works of amazing-ness!
3/14/2015 c1 Daniel6
I wish that you had added the deleted ad-lib line that David Hyde-Pierce said in an extended scene. "Um. In the dream, was the pet dead?"
12/8/2013 c12 1SkittlesKitty
Loved the story! I thought the ending was awesome and so cute 3
9/17/2013 c6 Guest
...KYAA! So cute! w really good writing! :D
9/7/2013 c12 4josephguy217
Awesome story :) I was wondering what were the songs you used?
9/5/2013 c1 Mia Ariana
Luv it
8/27/2013 c12 Mia Ariana
Omg you made the beautiful story I've ever read in my life I luv the songs you put in your story
4/1/2013 c1 5NarikotheShadow
Amazing story I read it from start to finish! :)
2/23/2013 c12 2enchantedforest33
fantastic story. thanks for posting it, i cant wait to read more of your work
10/29/2012 c12 33Bailey Swan
Will there be a sequel to this story?
1/12/2011 c12 C.J.Robbins
I'm happy to say that this story exceeded my expectations immensely. When I first clicked on the story link, I thought this would be a sad and sorry attempt at recreating a good story. Now, however, I see that this is perhaps one of the better Jim/Ariel stories out there. Well done!
9/27/2010 c4 1inhabiting the earth
Awesome awesome awesome! Story yo this is great
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