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for Parody of Death

1/4/2020 c1 12Sailor Dragonball 87
Great job! Obviously, this manga would be big among the BAU, at least Reed and Rossi. Which other members, do you think, would also jump on the DN bandwagon?
11/30/2019 c1 33acochran5
I liked it, this was actually pretty interesting!
5/25/2015 c1 1guardianofdragonlore
...that's what happens in death note? Ai yi yi.
3/17/2014 c1 asdfghjkl
Death Note is a MANGA, not a comic dumbass... -_-
11/23/2013 c1 james stanfield
author to author, the intro is interesting, but you need to write more.
9/28/2012 c1 K.C
funny, i liked it :D
9/4/2012 c1 Guest
liked this very much
2/29/2012 c1 Sigyn Holmes
i keep thinking of the episode where Reid said that he didnt read many non-educational books...in english
11/25/2011 c1 21I wanna be the very best
This is so cool. I am inspired to write one myself. I think Reid would actually like Death note if he read it
11/20/2011 c1 35Gothic-Romantic99
Nice story. It's interesting seeing Reid reading Death Note, or a comic in general. Rossi's reaction at the end is funny. Good work.
7/30/2011 c1 5Fangirl1313
Lol, I love death note and it was really cool thinking of Reid reading it. :)
2/14/2011 c1 5xanimejunkie
This one shot may be short, but dang it made for a good laugh and I want to see Reid reading a manga. That would make my day. ^.^
12/10/2010 c1 1Magician Girl Mirani
For some reason I can totally see Reid reading Death Note! It'd be so awesome! For some reason I could also see him reading Code Geass (or watching the anime as the manga is CR*P!) since it's got some VERY interesting psychological development of characters.

Loved this fic! Random like you said but very good!
9/11/2010 c1 16Mystery Hunter
That was pretty cool. I can see Reid reading manga and comics... Great job
8/12/2010 c1 46imdrowninginfootwear
I can so imagine Rossi reading deathnote, lol :D Why do people even bother asking Reid what he's reading. Great story I love death note and criminal minds :D:D
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