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1/20/2014 c8 darlene scott
this story is great.I dont post reviews until the last chapter. I like how you addressed Jake's drug problem and how Josh would go to any length to make sure he didnt loose his baby brother. cant wait to see how you end this. please update soon
11/10/2012 c8 Katastrophe101
Why you are stopping?
10/12/2012 c8 pece87
Well how does this end?
2/15/2011 c8 IrishCaptain
I'm so glad you are updating again! Love it, being held captive but admiring the cinnimon rolls, typical man!
11/27/2010 c7 GreaseStains
I can't believe it took me this long to find this.

This story is amazing, I'm super impressed.

But I see you havnt updated in a while. I hope this story isn't abandoned.
11/7/2010 c7 Capa-Detated
It sure has been a while :)
9/18/2010 c1 Capa-Detated
The suspense is killing me :)

Hope an update comes soon.
8/30/2010 c7 IrishCaptain
Greaty chapter, it's going to be interesting to see how Jake reacts!
8/29/2010 c7 3XBlack7WidowX
i love this story

soo much

more please!
8/29/2010 c7 4jdub13899
I was starting to wonder about this story. Glad to see an update. And I'm curious to find out what is going to happen. Definitely hope an update is in the near future. :)
8/29/2010 c7 babygirl7201984
Loved it! Can't wait to read more! : )
8/29/2010 c7 7JakeHarrisLover
*sigh* how I have missed this story!

I was just wondering if it was dead.

But yay it isn't!

I hope sparks start flying soon!:O

I can't wait to see how things work out since Jake will be all locked up in a house.

But I really hope they don't lock him the basement

I would be furious if I were him. Furnished or not teehee.

More soon pwease :).
8/5/2010 c3 jaep
Great sor! I'm hoping that it's Josh!
8/5/2010 c6 Capa-Detated
LOL Jake is naughty!

Can't wait till the kidnapping begins :)

Please update QUICK!
7/22/2010 c6 Katy Married A Weasley
Jakey is a bad boy..

Okay, I like where this is going. I think him and Rory are going to get close because she helps him quit his addiction. You portray both Jake and Josh perfectly. I love how Josh already protects Rory like she is his own sister.

Good Job. Continue Soon.
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