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7/5/2010 c1 5hinafanboy08
honestly, Ranma was already a really good fighter. no 'what if' he already is, and if your going to give him some superpower it will make him even more mary-sue-ish than he already is.
7/5/2010 c11 3Hiryo
A fitting ending and thank you for writing this wonderful story.
7/3/2010 c11 Newy
I really enjoyed your story, especially the philosophical and thought provoking issues. I didn't mind Ranma being a “Marry Sue” since the story felt more like a mental exercise than anything. It's quite an interesting question to ask oneself, “With all that power what would you do?” Even if your greed was great enough to desire the universe, what would you do with it? Though it's within our power to claim ownership of the universe, why not? Instead, all we do is bicker over little trinkets and dirt. Perhaps the reason why people don't claim the universe is because they innately realize their influence doesn't expand any farther than themselves. So in truth, it seems what man really desire is to have absolute control over self, including when to die, if ever.

I would love to talk philosophy with you one day,

Could be interesting.
7/2/2010 c11 Chargone
actually, (and i wish i could remember where i got this bit of information) the human brain compresses data by stripping out all the parts it can infer based on other data present, and completely tosses anything it thinks it doesn't need. it wouldn't 'fill up' exactly. this phenomenon actually makes it very easy to 'hypnotize' people into believing something that never happened, did. all it takes is a believable photo or two and asking the right questions as though they should know the answer. well, provided you're not trying to convince them they did something they know to be physically impossible.

convincing someone that something that actually happened and that they remember, Didn't, on the other hand, is quite a bit more difficult, and the only way to really be sure of it is to use chemicals to disrupt the transfer of the experience from short term to long term.

just thought you might find that interesting.

all that aside, i quite enjoyed this story, though it does seem to suffer (as do all of the things you've written that I've read eventually) from a lower order version of a problem i had in my own writing 'the hero is ridiculously awesome. how do i make a credible threat that doesn't just insta-kill both hero and reality'. you handle it a lot better than I could, for sure, but it's still hard to really believe Nightmare is a threat, no matter how obviously destructive it is.

might possibly have worked better if you'd set up Nightmare as a big threat First... or not *shrugs*

Ranma's training was well written, though it feels like more stuff should have happened... admittedly hard to do if he's as insanely powerful as it appears in the source material. (which I've never actually read/watched, oddly enough :S )

mmm... yeah good job :D
7/1/2010 c11 1DragonGod926
I would like to see an immortal Ranma in the context of Highlander. Perhaps, either the battle with Herb or Saffron killed him, and he then woke up as an immortal. How would the NWC react to a Ranma that was now an immortal stuck in a kill or be killed game, and whose new immortality left him sterile? On the plus side, it would prove that he's not a true Saotome because all immortals are foundlings.
7/1/2010 c10 noodle-monster
one of the most bland fics i've ever read.

no conflict, drama, or anything along those lines.

you had an interesting power going, but that only carried you so far.
7/1/2010 c11 GNesnios685
Congratulations on the finish. This came as a complete surprise, especially splitting him up between everyone, but still, a great fic. I look forward to reading more of your stories
7/1/2010 c11 goku90504
would the memory truely fill up or would old less important stuff make way for newer more important stuff? an really why do you think it would only take 100 years to fill the memory capacity of the brain?
7/1/2010 c11 furybolt
This is truly a amazing story,Thank you for writing such a marvelous story..I look forward to your next story.
7/1/2010 c11 BRD man
7/1/2010 c11 1Bobboky
awesome work
7/1/2010 c11 8Ellen Kuhfeld
I should have seen this coming more clearly - of *course* many bodies could end up meaning many lives. Do the Divine, Demonic, and Earthly Ranmas all keep in touch?

If you feel like doing a side story or postlude, I wouldn't mind seeing Ranma foozle the IRS ...
7/1/2010 c5 5Pangoria Fallstar
You do a good job of writing in a summary style. I've endured as much of it as I could, but it is not a style I enjoy reading.

The story so far is a bit annoying, and lame. There is no challenge or motivation, and the only reason I got this far, is because the brief style of writing made it so easy to get through it quickly.

It took you 5 chapters to establish Ranma's goal (what to do with the rest of his life). The conflict you introduced is not even known to him. Some nightmare cloud in space. No disaster has occurred yet. For 5 chapters you've done nothing but summarized a dream sequence of getting everything Ranma has always wanted, and succeeding at everything. That is boring writing.

In summation, the story itself is weak to the point of being uninteresting and the writing style itself is unlikable (to me). There is nothing you can do about me liking the style (and I wouldn't expect you to anyways), but you can work on the story being more exciting, as it would benefit yourself and everyone else. Good luck.
6/30/2010 c10 GNesnios685
I HATE CLIFFHANGERS! Please update soon, I can't wait for the conclusion to this awesome story! Nice, having him fight the thing that will end this universe, being groomed from birth to do this. Now if only he's still alive, maybe his ki is just floating around somewhere in the area, and he'll be back in a bit?
6/30/2010 c10 1Bobboky
nice work
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