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7/8/2010 c11 CajunTiger504
yay when Rachel said "end game" i literally squealed!

awesome job
7/8/2010 c11 Tashah04
So cute. I love that Santana has known forever and never let on. Young Puck is a cutie i like that he is a tattletale.

Great chapter can't wait for more.
7/8/2010 c10 Jenn6891
i am so suprised that you don't have more reviews cause this story is fucking awesome!

more please!
7/7/2010 c10 5ILove2Write13
Please continue, I love it so much!
7/7/2010 c10 6GleeFreak-VampireChik
Woah... this was intense! And I loved every minute of it! :D Update soon!
7/7/2010 c10 10Emrisah
First off, LOVED Noah's reaction to Rachel in the dress. I could totally see him standing there slightly shell shocked before coming up with the whole 'I'll tell your Dads!' thing. Crack up. : ) Ah, the birds and the bees speech . . . yowza. Poor kids. : ) The emotion at the end was great, understated but still powerful. Kudos!
7/7/2010 c10 3Anjellyca25
OMG Noah...he's having such a hard time! And Matt and Mike are so crazy and its amazing that someone like Puck and Rachel could be used to their dancing-pulling-pants-down-horny-cadillac-ass-grabbing behavior!
7/6/2010 c10 29kialajaray
I haven't been able to review for the past few chapters but I want to say that I love this story every chapter I read. I think that this one is my favorite so far. I love Matt and Mike in this story. Especially Matt always calling Mercedes Cadillac. I hope that you have them together in this story. I've shipped them since Sectionals even though I don't think anyone else does. And Mike's ninja moves with the camera phone was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing when little Puck was moving away from Rachel's dad at the picnic table. And I LOVED the entire scene in the janitor's closet. I can't wait for the Sectionals chapter. And are you going to write something for the back 9 too? If that's the case I can't wait for the Bad Reputation chapter!
7/6/2010 c10 samandy11
this is a two chapter review cuz i had to let you know that i almost pissed my pants i laughed so hard at the long duk dong reference. and the closet scene was lots o fun
7/6/2010 c10 ninasis
I'm totally tearing up right now. I feel so bad for Noah and can't wait for you to make it better! I really, really love this story!
7/6/2010 c10 9HeartForSoul
oh god...the kissing scene was cute and I liked the janitor's closet one. :D That was hilarious..

"Oh fuck" lmao
7/6/2010 c10 addy9ring
This story continues to leave a big grin on my face as I read through the chapters. It is so funny to see the impeccable documentation that Puck's mom put into their relationship, it is beyond cute. I also wish I had my own Noah. I really wish that Puck would tell Rachel because it is going to suck when she has to figure it out on her own.
7/6/2010 c10 17angelus cado
You've officially made me a Puckleberry 'shipper. Thank you :).
7/6/2010 c10 lola
aww Puck crying :( i really hope you do not make rachel spill the beans about quinn that would just be rude if she did not even tell noah first... maybe Mercedes and Kurt our talking about it and Finn over hears it ?
7/6/2010 c10 Evanon
Another great chapter! This is the fic I look forward to the most. And I can't get the Eve6 song (from one of the previous chapters) out of my head-such a great choice for these two.
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