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6/28/2010 c5 18ray4ruffles
i totally love this story- i love that puck is witty and that matt and mike "considered [themselves] more of a friend to Rachel, and they've only shared six sentences with each other in the last few years." it's so awesome! keep it up!
6/28/2010 c5 GreenFeltDragon
I think Santana was born evil. Now, I'm totally wondering what young Rachel said to make young Puck cry in that restroom.
6/28/2010 c5 miladybronwyn
Another excellent chapter. Keep them coming.
6/26/2010 c4 3Death's Apostle
awesome! keep it up!
6/25/2010 c4 24mag721
this was an awesome chapter! :D
6/25/2010 c3 mag721
awww i am loving this!
6/25/2010 c2 mag721
cute cute!
6/25/2010 c1 mag721
now i'm craving sugar cookies lol
6/25/2010 c4 Nicole
Im in love with this story...like in love.

Its amazing. keep doing what you obviously do best!
6/25/2010 c4 Goldstar20
Wow just wow! This is amazing!:) is it weird to be in love with a story? Oh well idc I'm in love! It's perfect! The cookie cutter thing is so cute...and i didn't know this was possible and even tho this didn't actualy happen your makeing me love puck even more! And Rachels answer to the Lima Loser question was perfect! And I totaly love the fact that Matty and J.Chang (-love) know about there friendship!

So yea I love it and I seriously can't wait for your next update!:) Much love! 3 kkbye!

P.s and I love Berry-Pants! Idk why it cracks me up and i find it cute... :) ok now I'm done being crazy... Bye!
6/25/2010 c4 Tashah04
I loved the scence where the 4 are singing the BEPs. It was so sweet. It is so cool that Puck is the person who makes Rachel's cookie cutters.

Can't wait for more.
6/25/2010 c4 3Anjellyca25
I love this story! I don't think I can wait til monday O.o! LoL The Evers were so cute they almost made me cry!
6/24/2010 c4 ChamberlinofMusic
I completely and utterly adore this fic and cannot wait for more! It is going to be a blast to see what happens next! :)
6/24/2010 c4 10Aussie Panda
I am in love with this story! I like how Rachel responded to the Lima loser thing! I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/24/2010 c4 jlz
Seriously, I love this fic. Have I mentioned that before? If not, I LOVE this fic. I have much love for the characters of Mike and Matt so I love that they're included and that they've been in on the P/R friendship.

You're being a machine at updating so thanks for that! You're doing a wickedly wonderful job with the writing, also.

Keep it up, bb!♥♥
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