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for World Famous Sugar Cookies

10/10/2010 c11 49Jacal Ste. Worme
Thank you for those two words: END GAME. Great chap.
10/10/2010 c9 Jacal Ste. Worme
I'm so glad they have had that little amusing straddling thing hahahaha! And whoah, Brittany's pondering on the suicide thing was hilarious! Great chapter!
10/10/2010 c8 Jacal Ste. Worme
oh my god that was so heartbreaking but still an awesome chappy
10/9/2010 c5 Jacal Ste. Worme
I swear your Mike is adorable! AND I am dying to find out what happened in the bathroom! WHY DID THEY CRY! WAH! GREAT JOB!
10/9/2010 c4 Jacal Ste. Worme
The way you describe Rachel as this pink ninja elf is just friggin sweet and amazing! hahaah! xD And I absolutely love Mike's involvement in this story and makes SO MUCH sense! GREAT JOB!
10/9/2010 c3 Jacal Ste. Worme
I love the Mike/Puck friendship! I just love this chapter! Great job!
10/9/2010 c2 Jacal Ste. Worme
Holy shit, where would I start? You had me laughing at the flashback. Your choice of words are fuckin hilarious: tiny elfin girl, "Cut it off, cut it off!" are just a few that just made me laugh! Puckerbutt! Haha! I LOVE YOUR PUCKLEBERRY! Though they aren't an item in your stories, it's like you're making it absolutely worth the wait! xD

Freakish giant man-baby! DUUUUUDE WTFF! HAHAHAAH ! XD

Anyway, GREAT JOB! You're so awesome! Fuckin GREAT MAN! Hahah! Thanks, really enjoyed the read. ;)
9/22/2010 c13 bahnannah
oh i loved the entire thing. the epilogueish/future flashes were fabulous. brittany still makes me laugh. can't wait to read the sequel.
9/22/2010 c9 bahnannah
this story is totally hilarious and sad at times. but i just had to review this chapter b/c it single handedly made my day.

first off - brittany is my hero. she is so blonde it hurts. and the stargate/murder/masturbation conversation with mike really made me howl with laughter. i swear that conversation really needs to take place on the actual show b/c it's right up there with the dolphins are just gay sharks comment - which i also loved to bits.

secondly - noah and the cookies are hilarious as it is, but add in that he licked all of them and offered one to pills was hilarious. and the lap dance comment was genius.

now my stomach is hurting from the laughter.
9/13/2010 c1 8hiddenmoonlyt
This story was so funny! Lol.

On my way to read your next one. ;) lol
9/10/2010 c1 incredibubble5
Had to reread your story... every minute is so much fun!
9/9/2010 c1 145Miss Meggie
Really in character and humorous great job!
8/14/2010 c13 4g-love99
this was fabulous! (want.cooookies!)
8/13/2010 c4 g-love99
love, love, love the flashback in the choir room!
8/13/2010 c3 g-love99
seriously love the way you incorporated mike into this story!
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