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8/5/2010 c13 11ZuXy.Q
omg this has to be the best puckleberry story i have ever read. i laughed all the way and i can't wait to start on the sequel...i've been waiting for months for someone to post a story that delved into the past...and you've done a wonderful job.
8/4/2010 c13 3weasleymadchen
I sawthe end and I was like WHAT THE HELL?

but :) .. there's a sequel I guess LOL

I LOVE so much this story seriously, the fact that you made them secret best friends who are effin ENDGAME! is amazing.
8/2/2010 c13 4badwolfstardis
Mike and Matt are kidnapped? I'm thinking Santana's behind it all... After all, she knows all and this would never happen without her knowing about it. ;)

Amazing story! I can't wait to read the sequel now.
8/2/2010 c12 badwolfstardis
Another awesome chapter to which, I've found two quotes to love.

- "It's good to see that you're still working on earning that restraining order."

- "Ditch Saint Douche of the lower highlands of Douchebaggery, make out with me constantly and supply me with cookies until I get love handles."

Hahaha. Your story has made my night. :D Gonna go read the last chapter now.
8/2/2010 c10 badwolfstardis
I love your story so far and I have to point out one line that I absolutely love & find hilarious.

- "GRAB HIS ASS RACHEL! It makes him scream like a bitch!" Matt hollered.

Best line ever. Now, onto the rest of the story :)
8/2/2010 c9 3weasleymadchen
you have no idea how much i love this story i just keep reading and reading and reading for hours!
7/29/2010 c13 9HeartForSoul
I think Santana kidnapping them answers all those questions! :D
7/25/2010 c13 25Bladed Darkness
"Kurt blew a kiss towards the Hudon-Hummel contingent and placed a full-on kiss on Schuester's lips before he and Mercedes parted ways at the front of the aisle."

I think my brain just shut down. Seriously, I didn't even think 'wtf?', just went completely blank for like ten seconds.
7/23/2010 c13 incredibubble5
I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HOW FUNNY THIS IS! Hilarious, ridiculous, all around crazy mad fun. One of the best Glee fics I've read and I love the best friends angle. Thank you thank you thank you!
7/21/2010 c13 157gifts
This was a fun read from start to finish.
7/17/2010 c13 2slaygurl
I absolutely loved this story. Sad to see it end, but ecstatic to find out it has a sequel, can't wait to read it. :-)
7/16/2010 c13 bookchick007
Five words. Un. Be. Freaking. Lievably. Awesome. Hilarious, sweet, touching and 100% perfect. The wedding scene almost made me cry and I adored the flashbacks. Are you somehow secretly puck on the inside? Cause you wrote his voice PERFECTLY. Come to think of it, every characters voice was written perfectly. I love how Mike and Matt managed to become major characters. FINALLY! How did you manage to make this so perfectly perfect? LOVE.
7/16/2010 c13 2easteg
Wonderful story-telling,humor and consistency.I'm in awe.
7/16/2010 c13 xoxoallie
this story was so funny :)

mike and matt were hilarious
7/16/2010 c13 FREAKTONIGHT
WTF? some scheme of Santana's? U2 ftw. Love it, awesome last chapter. Best of them all. Seriously, I usually hate last chapters with future stuff but this was fucking brilliant. Love how you put the counceller in it, the wedding I mean.
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