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7/16/2010 c13 10Emrisah
Sequel? Eeeeeeee! : D Right, well, where do I begin? This story has been SO much fun to read. I've always looked forward to updates, and now I can't WAIT to read what else you have up your sleeve. : ) You write your characters so well, your story is a real pleasure to read. Thanks so much for all you've written, and I look forward to reading more soon! Good luck with everything! Xoxo, Bella
7/16/2010 c13 Mfoto
I've enjoyed reading this story :D
7/15/2010 c13 6GleeFreak-VampireChik
Lmao... This story has been amazing... and I will never know how you manage to make it so great! I'm excited for the new story though! Post soon
7/15/2010 c13 Li-chan
This ending is of WTF?-proportions, lol. Honestly I loved this story, very realistic with the characters personality while giving your own spins on their characterizations and situations as well.

I enjoyed it immensely and admit that I am extremely saddened that it has come to an end. Though your next installment shows hope of being incredibly entertaining. Looking forward to Monday! Keep on writing!
7/15/2010 c13 RatchetVillain
So, I don't ship Puck/Rachel at all. I just don't think it works. But your story is VERY well written. I really enjoyed the way you portray them as children. I also absolutely adore the way you wrote Mike and Matt. I can't imagine them being any other way. I'm glad I actually took the time to read your story. It was time well spent. Excellent work! But I found one itty bitty mistake. I don't remember what chapter it's in, but you specifically name a song performed by Kristen Chenoweth in the Broadway revival of the show "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Just so you know, the song is actually called "My New Philosophy." :)
7/15/2010 c13 29BecAlora
I want your sequel LIKE!WHOA! I cannot wait...!
7/15/2010 c12 BecAlora
I can't believe I'm almost done. I NEED ANOTHER STORY!
7/15/2010 c11 BecAlora
I love reading this. SO MUCH!
7/15/2010 c10 BecAlora
I just think I'm going to cry so hard when Rachel finds out that the baby is his. I'm so emotionally invested in this story.
7/15/2010 c1 4TinyTimTurner
Too cute!
7/15/2010 c7 29BecAlora
I LUFF THIS! I need to print it out so that I'll have a hard copy.
7/15/2010 c6 BecAlora
I have got to read the rest of the story...it's so excellent that it's sinful. I luff it!
7/15/2010 c4 BecAlora
Fsrsly this might just be my favorite chapter. I loved the Mike, Matt, and Puckleberry scene.
7/15/2010 c3 BecAlora
Too many days are in between now and season two. OGM GOMG! I LOVE THIS STORY.
7/15/2010 c1 BecAlora
This is made of effing awesome.

And the word badassity? Classic. So Puck.
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