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7/15/2010 c13 janiajade06
I have loved this entire story! It is so well written, great characterization, everything! I love that Noah is the one who wants to be friends publicly with Rachel. I love "Berry-pants" and "Puckerbutt." I am really looking forward to the sequel. Excellent, excellent job - definitely going on my favorites list.
7/15/2010 c13 coastiewife465
Okay I totally loved this ending. Now, I just can't wait to see what happened during that first trip to Vegas, especially what happened that almost got Rachel of all people deported to Israel.
7/15/2010 c13 2EnchantedTwentyThree
best final EVER!
7/15/2010 c13 27RedMagic
I've had this on alert for awhile but I just got the chance to read it all...Loved pretty much everything about it...Little Puckleberry were adorable and Pucks whole End Game spiel too cute for words...Your Matt and Mike are possibly the best supporting characters in a story I've ever read.

Cant wait to read Fuickleberry saves the day...I'm picturing wacky hijinks a plenty...I'm almost 100% sure that the kidnapping is an elaborate plot curtisy of Santana I'm just torn on what her reasoning is :)
7/15/2010 c13 esromjk
I loved, loved, loved this fic.

Nice ending, can't wait for the sequel
7/15/2010 c1 34mockingjay-x
I have no idea whether I've reviewed this at all throughout the story, knowing me I haven't. I have a tendency to read FanFics on my phone and I can never be bothered to log in and review.

However, I loved this, seriously loved it. It's made me want some of her cookies though. :)

I'll be waiting for your new story and I'll make more of an effort to review each chapter.
7/15/2010 c13 elem86
OMGlee! I don't usually read fics that are in progress but I have been following yours almost from the start! I am really looking forward to the new story on Monday.

ps. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite fic in the Glee fandom and one of my top picks from all the fandoms I have read.
7/15/2010 c13 4empresslars
This is so, SO cute! Loved it. I can't wait to see what happens to Mike and Matt!
7/14/2010 c13 Mac
Fricken beautiful, seriously, I loved it so much. Great flash forward. I love when Puck says that she is his end game. I cant wait until the next installment because seriously I was gonna cry with that ending, and wondering how they ended up together and this Vegas trip and dressing drag. I cannot wait until you post the next installment. Please update soon.
7/14/2010 c13 seacat03
I loved the ribbon bouquet. Thank you for continuing in this universe. I can't wait to read the next story!
7/14/2010 c13 10Wannabe-Fantasy
Omg, brilliant. Really, that's all I can say.
7/14/2010 c13 samandy11
ooooo, intriguing! i can't wait for the first chapter!
7/14/2010 c13 paristorres27
Wonderful! Their wedding was perfect.

So I just watched The Notebook for the first time (I know, failure as a woman to wait this long) and then came to this ending...the whole flashbacks/fowards thing after watching that made it even awesomer.

Love love love.
7/14/2010 c13 deactivated1111
OMG that's the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers!

I loved this!
7/14/2010 c13 Ali08
this was soooo sugary sweet! i absolutely loved ur story soo much! i hope that u continue on writing more puckleberry fanfics!
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