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for cloud gazing

6/17/2013 c1 53KelseyO
lord jesus christ that ending was a good ending

(rest of the fic was great too i just really enjoyed the ending a lot)
4/7/2013 c1 3Spookyflame
This is very cute and unique. Two thumbs up!
9/6/2012 c1 Sourdoughtoast
"she doubts he's ever been more breathtaking than he is at this moment."
I adore this line
7/29/2012 c1 zon12
Oh bravo you ... now cloud gazing will remind me of the Doctor and Rose lol.
11/17/2011 c1 11Angela Jewell
Very, very cute. I love when you cover the main three Doctors, especially the "duplicate" since I've had trouble finding good stories featuring him. And as always, this was very well done.
1/10/2011 c1 18Rose of Zakarisz
I'll never look at the clouds the same again, hehehe.
8/16/2010 c1 boymayorofsecondlife
It feels like I'm OD-ing on so much of your amazing writing ^_^

Rose's cutest moment, in my opinion, was in the first episode of Series 2 - the newly-regenerated Doctor was asleep, and she had to speak for the human race, yeah? So she spouted out all the jargon she knew about the Shadow Proclamation, and when she got to "Raxicoricofallipitorians" she scrunched up her face and spouted it out as fast as she could and it was just SO CUTE X3

Anyway, this is another adorable little detail of their time together explored. I just love it to itty-bitty-bits. When Rosie showed the Doctor how his rubber ducky could be a heart...and "a look of utter amazement blossom(ed) on his face"...just gorgeous. Methinks I liked the first cloud-gazing-game the most, when they were still getting to know (and love!) each other :)

Hahaha, the last instance of cloud-gazing wasn't...exactly...cloud-gazing. *winks*
6/23/2010 c1 a
You captured their personalities very well, as well as their expressions. I love the quote about them not being dangerous.
6/22/2010 c1 131lauraxtennant
Awww this is pure loveliness :) Me love it a lot x
6/22/2010 c1 55NewDrWhoFan
I am absolutely in love with this idea! Such a Doctorish retort to begin with, and carried through Rose's three Doctors very appropriately :)

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