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for The True Ending of Death Note

10/25/2011 c5 Kat
OMFG! I knwe shinigami were more epic than they let on!
10/25/2011 c4 Kat
...LOL. Misa's so stupid, she would actually do this. o3o I love your stories!
10/25/2011 c3 Kat
YEAHHHHH... This series sure mindfucked a lot of people, what with the other Kiras, Light giving up the Death Note, etc, etc. This could sooo happen.

I should probably study for my science test right now, but your stories are SOOOO funny! Plz keep writing!
10/25/2011 c2 Kat
OHMYGOD I love this! Omg I would do the exact same thing as L! SOOOOO FUNNY! PLEASE keep writing these!
10/25/2011 c1 Kat
OHDEARGOD! Light's such a pansy! That's so hilarious! I luv the ending. By the way, I recently introduced my friend to Death Note. (Nobody at my small school even knows what anime is!) She so far likes Light, while, I'm an L supporter. Wait till she gets to the end. It's cool in some ways that no one knows what anime is. I can randomly quote Naruto or Death Note, or recite a message of random words in Japanese, and they won't know a thing! Also, I'm going as Misa for Halloween. I'm positive no one will know who I am.

WOW, I talk a lot. Anyway, great ending, awesome, luv it...Damn it. o3o
7/27/2011 c2 3Amelia Mills
I really liked that ending. I think it's one of the best things I've seen on here. I especially liked this bit - "Why was he laughing manically and ranting triumphantly in his head? He didn't have time for stuff like that, he needed to concentrate on the arrest…"

6/23/2011 c2 darling devotee
Bahahaha. Splitpersonality!Light is a riot XD
5/6/2011 c5 62Sashocirrione
This is nice. Very stupid, but nice. I salute your crack fic!
4/3/2011 c5 2EyebrowRapist
4/1/2011 c5 10Shinju Hikari
Aww, you're welcome. Still a great fic :D
3/31/2011 c4 Shinju Hikari
He's so awful.I love it ^.^
3/31/2011 c3 Shinju Hikari
Oh,that's what happened,fo sho.it's great that Matt and Mello show up.great logic they had going on :D
3/31/2011 c2 Shinju Hikari
I would have LOVED for that to happen on the book. It does sound like fun XD
3/10/2011 c4 62Sashocirrione
Wow, I really laughed.

Misa was always a disaster waiting to happen, wasn't she?
3/8/2011 c2 2AlertElaine

I must say, if DN ended like 'Memories' had, I would've probably rofl'd, and thought it was a tad out of place, but what ever! /shrug
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