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11/28/2010 c1 4blueyblonde
i love it
8/4/2010 c1 Cat
aww I like! I really like it! its cute! Thanks for sharing!
7/12/2010 c1 Jayy
I know you didn't intend to make me cry, but you did. I am a girl, and I had two brothers, an older and a younger. Key word had. Exactly 1 week ago my younger brother died (he was only 20!). I've been reading FF to try to cheer myself up. Apparently this was a bad idea. What you wrote just reminded me so much of the dynamic we had, and pretty much describes our personalities. I miss my younger brother so much. I wasn't ready to let him go.
6/22/2010 c1 12Isabella Jame Swan Cullen
nice! even though i have no idea who these people are! i still liked it as a story! it was very sweet!

love ya! XxX Tezza
6/22/2010 c1 LoyalJamkoFan
I loved it. Great job. I have to agree that they are a very dysfunctional family.

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