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12/11/2013 c5 22earanemith
I know you haven't updated in very very long time. Should you ever be up to write further I'd love to help you figure out what to do, how to proceed
7/1/2011 c1 jeangary28
nice twist really loved the first chapter
10/17/2010 c4 1phantomgirl21
This is SSSSSSOOOOOOOO good! I can't wait for you to update! Hope college life goes well for you, hope you get over your writer's block and can update soon! Maybe you can have members of the NCIS team become vampires, maybe have all of them become vampires, that would be a good twist. Update soon!
8/3/2010 c2 22earanemith
okay now i know i want to read the story so please go on. But i am a little confused about the names would you please explain in an pm or review reply who is who?

is it right that Ziva is Kat?

Love the story
8/3/2010 c1 earanemith
okay i just finished chapter one.

I normally don't like twilight NCIS crossovers but yours got my attention so i will tell more after chapter 2
7/22/2010 c2 1Marilyn Lowell
7/12/2010 c1 2MorganaElenaLeFay
Very good. Can't wait to read more. Please update soon.

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