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8/2/2010 c1 12Mirajane Scarlet
Awww! That was very, very sweet. I really liked that. It was well written.

7/24/2010 c1 61Hidden Relevance
Oh man this was so much fun! I scampered over to read "Cloudy" first, and I think I agree that Surfer!Connor was one of the most intriguing that we got a glimpse of. It's awesome to see how else his life might have played out!

...course now my brain is going in about 18 directions as what some of the other characters other realities might have been like.. hmm

Oh! BTW, have you seen the pics for season 4? Connor's looking all extremely scruffy and I like it! Gah, I'm so excited for it to come out I can hardly stand it lol
7/15/2010 c1 15Pirate Gyrl
That was very sweet. I had never heard of the original story but I'm glad that I read this one. It was so cute and I loved how they finally ended up together in the end. Yay a happy ending!
7/3/2010 c1 9Laialda
Okay, finally got some time to read the other story so I could read yours and this is absolutely wonderful! You built up such a lovely back story for how an alternate Abby and Conner could have met and I just felt horrible for him with all the heartache he went through. It of course just made their reunion at the end all the more wonderful. :D

I think my absolute favorite thing about this is that even though Sufer!Connor led a different life and we could see that, he still felt like adorable lovable Connor at the core. This is just more proof in my mind that you write these characters exceptionally well and that much praise should be heaped upon you for it. ^_^

Thanks for the fantastic read

6/29/2010 c1 Rue Mo
Aww so sweet Connor and Abby love is something powerful, just like your writing.
6/28/2010 c1 6NanaRie
I commented already on LJ but I just wanted to say again how brilliant this is! I hope you're going to be doing some more Connors...I'm sure we'd all love to be doing a few Connors...
6/26/2010 c1 73BregoBeauty
Aww! Another Connor gets his Abby! :)
6/25/2010 c1 14EtherealDemon
Impossibly sweet. I like to think every Connor got his Abby in the end.
6/24/2010 c1 vanilla212
Awww, sweet! I like this alternate Connor.

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