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5/17/2013 c20 19Kinola
...You mean the "taking-off-your-shirt-every-ten-minutes-is-in-Jac ob's-contract" was REAL?

Good thing I never got into Twilight...
5/5/2013 c19 Guest
You even have the proper spelling of 'fairy'! :) 'Cause fairy spelled f-a-e-r-y, means (to me at least) that they're tough and can fight and aren't "Sparkly, broody, poofters" - Spike from a fanfic that I can't remember the name of. Love, love, love this story!
3/15/2011 c20 3twiloverwithabigimagination
Read all of the chapters and...ITS ALL TRUE OMD (OH MY DAMN)lol good job and you made it really funny unlike the other ones I've read like it, yours I actually read the whole thing instead of reading the fist chapter and rading somehing else...so once again good job
1/25/2011 c12 ConcreteAngel14
Um... Half this is actually true I never realized it until now, but that's so true about Emmett he's like the only person who has some personality the whole thing .

And where did you get the Misnight Sun spoilers?

I've been trying to find Midnight Sun since like forever it seems but nope non yet so can you message me or something
1/1/2011 c12 136ReluctantSlashFan
I'm not sure he was trying to fight a bear. I think it just attacked him.

Other than that, making me laugh like crazy.

Nice job
10/30/2010 c20 47musicprincess1990
On the one hand, you obviously have way too much time on your hands if you are able to sit down and write about every little problem you have with the Twilight series.

On the other hand, clearly I have too much time on my hands if I can sit here and read the whole thing, so clearly, you and I are equals.

It was entertaining, to be sure. I agree with the bestiality/pedophile stuff about Jacob. That just killed the whole series for me. Poor Taylor Lautner is going to get all kinds of crap about that movie when it comes out...
10/24/2010 c4 9InsaneHoboLady
Yay! More Twilight bashing!
9/24/2010 c20 samira parsa
wow...it's over. i am a little disappointed for your lack of bella/edward/jacob bashing..but oh well.

congrats on finishing the story! it was very entertaining
9/24/2010 c19 samira parsa
haha the skit was funny. you have a good point about his inheritance thing, i never thought of that. you forgot how he basically stalks bella in her sleep (a point i think is very important) but other than that good job.
9/24/2010 c18 samira parsa
i have to say...out of all of my least favorite characters in the world...bella takes the cake. hate hate hate hate that good for nothing ditz. there are SOO many more things i could say against that selfish heart-breaking obsessive moron, but i think hours of my ranting against that chick would make some people's ears bleed. ;)

you had good points but i was kind of surprised you didn't add more. there are so many more i could think of. but then again, you did say this was all your original work so i applaud you for that (insert fake applause here)
9/24/2010 c20 jbslee26
I LOVE this! I am a Twilight fan too, but I have to tell you I think this is hilarious! I do wish you would write more...I would like to see something about Victoria...oh and Emily and Billy... :-)
9/24/2010 c20 Laurelle Cullen
I am a HUGE Twi-Hard, and I nearly died laughing reading this whole story! Your humor was very tasteful in my opnion, especially the Alice + Jasper+Emmet Chapters
9/24/2010 c3 Lenara
"She made the big bad Volturi run away with their tales in between their legs... Come ON! You get everybody all psyched up for a fight and then you pull that crap on us... (again), WTF woman!"

THAT'S SO TRUE! Finally someone agree with me! ASUHAUSHAUSHAUSHAUS Love it! ♥
8/25/2010 c7 Sleeping in the Shadows
Idea! How is it possible they have sex? Dont you need blood to like flow to the penis for it to get hard? And do vampires have blood?

I might be wrong, Im not a guy xD
8/25/2010 c16 4CyanideMangoOfMassDestruction
Great chapter!

Hey, did you see "Vampires Suck"? If so, what did you think?
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