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8/9/2018 c8 18Hiei18
I got it. "Dodge"! Love that running gag in DBZA!
1/24/2017 c24 8Neo-Devil
the teleport scene was funny as hell...XD it was in the show afterall...
12/5/2015 c39 CaN'T-lIFe
King Kai, I love this so much.
9/11/2014 c39 5KiraKiraBluemoon
OMG I just marathoned my way through Ghost files and the dark tournament in four days. Woohoo! Just couldn't bear putting down my phone to review, I just want it keep on reading! XD Thank so so much for writing this story! Off to chapter black now.
7/12/2013 c39 Cocobutters
I loved this
1/3/2013 c23 5CHIBI-CRAZY
The KKK (Kurama, Kairi, and Kuwabara( I mean NO affence) ) in this chapter had me cracking up! I love how Kurama acts like a scolding mother to Kairi. It really gives them a great sibling-like dynamic.
1/3/2013 c20 CHIBI-CRAZY
"That was a burn about a burn! That's second degree burn!"

Micheal Kelso. I'd recognize that lovable dumb ss anywhere!
9/18/2012 c39 1Artlieis
awesome story
9/17/2012 c38 Artlieis
do i even need to say it? oh fine awesome
9/17/2012 c37 Artlieis
awesome once again
9/16/2012 c36 Artlieis
9/14/2012 c35 Artlieis
9/14/2012 c34 Artlieis
9/13/2012 c33 Artlieis
awesome filler chapter
9/12/2012 c32 Artlieis
awesome chapter
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